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1.  Which chapter of Revelation describes the greeting to the Seven Churches?

     Chapter 1




2.  What does the golden lampstand represent in the Book of Revelation?

      The seven lampstands represent all Christian churches, not just those of Revelation.



3.  What does the snowy white hair of His head indicate?

     It indicates absolute holiness and wisdom, like that of a judge.



4.  What does His feet of brass speak of ?

     Speak of the time when Jesus will put all of his enemies and every evil power beneath His feet.


5.  What is the Word of God that judges all humanity?


Chapter 2 


1.  What was Ephesus?

 The most prominent city in Roman Asia Minor, a religious and commercial center for that part of the world.  Paul founded the church at Ephesus before establishing Timothy as its pastor.


2.  What does Jesus remind the church?

 That He is always with them.


3.  Before Jesus deals with the Church's faults, he does what?

He praises the churches for what they are doing right (Gal. 6:9)


4. How would you describe the Church in Ephesus?

The word patience is used twice to describe the church.   


5.  Why was the word "patience" used to describe the Chuch at Ephesus?

This body of believers could be summed up as a determined church (Rom. 5:3; Gal. 6:9), a discipline church, and a discerning church.  They were patient when it came to service and suffering but not when it came to sinning (Eph. 4:14; 5:11) or receiving false teachers (1 Thess. 5:21; 1 John 4:1).  The false teachers were possibly tempting believers to compromise with the world and worship the Roman emperor rather than Christ.


Verses 2:8, 9, 10, 12  


1.  The Lord found no complaint with 2 churches.  Who were these churches?

      Smyrna and Philadelphia


2.  Tribulation in the Greek denotes what?

      Denotes serious trouble or a burden that crushes

3.  What does poverty mean?

     Means beggarly, destitute

4.  Blasphemy means what?

     Literally translated by the English word slander.

5.  What were the two commandments that Jesus give the church of Smyrna?

     Be fearless and be faithful

6.  The intent of the Lord's words was to  prepare the church for a brief period of suffering.  In terms of days, how long was the brief period?

     Ten days

7.  Describe Pergamos.

     Was the most northern of the seven cities.


Verses 2:13, 14, 15 and 17


1.  Who was Antipas?

     May have shepherded the Pergamum Church.  He was a faithful witness until death.

2.  What did the name Antipas mean?

     His name means "against all."

3.  What is the doctrine of Balaam?

     "If you cannot curse them, corrupt them."

4.  What did the Nicolitans sought to persuade Christians?

     That there was nothing wrong with prudent conformity to the world's standards.

5.  What does the word "holy" mean?

     Means  "different" or "separate."

6.  When the children of Israel had no food in the desert, what did God give them to eat?


7.  What was the final promise of Christ to the faithful in Pergamos?

     That he would give them a white stone with a new name on it.


Verses 2:18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23


1.  What was the city of Thyatira?

 A bustling trade center with many organized trade unions, was located in a valley between two cities.

2.  Did Thyatira receive a short or long letter?

 This church receives the longest letter of the seven.

3.  What kind of a church was Thyatira?

 Despite being plagued with serious problems, the church still receives a commendation from Jesus for the good it was doing.  It was a laboring church.

4.  How many times does the word "works" appear in verse 19?

 The word works appears twice in this verse.

5.  What does the word "nevertheless" mean in verse 20?

 The word nevertheless indicates a move from Christ's approval to disapproval.

6.  Who was Jezebel?

 Ahab's wife which practice sexual immorality and things sacrificed to idols.

7.  What did the Lord's letter to the cult of Jezebel reveal?

That this woman had been dead for nearly a 1,000 years, but the spirit that moved Jezebel now empowers someone else, causing the believers to indulge in immoral practices.



Verses 24, 26, 27 and 28


1.  What does "No other burden" mean?

 Refers to a statement published by the council of Jerusalem


2.  Did Gentile convert have to be circumcised?

 Gentile converts did not have to circumcised but must abstain from things offered to ideols and put off all sexual immorality.


3.  How would one receive the position of judgment over the nations?

 By keeping Christ's works to the end.


4.  What did the Greek word translated "rule" mean?

 Literally means "to shepherd".


5.  What does verse 26 first mention?

 This is the first mention of Christ's millennial reign in Revelation


6.  Who does "morning star" identify?

 Jesus Christ Himself.


7.  What will the "morning star" reveal?

Refers to Christ as the returning One who will rapture the church before the dark hous of the Tribulation.



Chapter 3  Verses 1 - 5


1.  What does Sardis mean?

 Means "escaping ones" or "those who came out"

2.  What represent the completeness of the Holy Spirit's ministry?

 The seven Spirits

3.  Why did the chuirch of Sardis die?

 Because the people did not let the Holy Spirit control their assembly

4.  Did the Lord have anything good to say about the church in Sardis?

 The He would never erase the names of the faithful from the heavenly register.

5.  Why does the Lord tell the church to be watchful?

 Calling the church to remain awake

6.  What does the instruction to "hold fast" mean?

 Is a call to return to obedience to the Wrod of God

7.  What does "come upon you as a thief" mean?

 Reference to the Rapture.  Warning against the sudden judgment that God would bring on the Church at Smyrna if it did not watch and repent

8.  The clothing of believers usually refers to what?

 Refers to their service and character

9.  White robes of the multitude represents what?

 The righteousness of the saints

10. To the faithful in Sardis, the Lord emphatically states that He will never erase their names from the heavenly register.  What does this mean? 

Those who are not ashamed of Christ during their earthly lives will be acknowledged by Christ before the Father and before the angels (Luke 12:8)



Chapter 3 Verses 6, 7, 8, 10


1.  What is Christ's word for churches of today?

 Is to remember, repent and obey.

2.  What does the key of David make reference to?

Alludes to Eliakim, a king in the line of David who held the key to all the king's treasure.

3.  Before someone can require us to live a life of holiness, what must we do?

He Himself must be holy.

4.  What does "True" reference to?

 Is a reference to Jesus' genuineness or reality; He is the real thing, the essence of deity.

5.  Did the church of Philiadelphia had great strength in itself?

 Has but little strength in itself; its source of power was ultimately the Lord.

6.  What is the Hour of trial translated to refer to?

 Translated "hour of testing" and refers to the Tribulation period.

7.  What does the Lord promise to do to the church?

 He promises to deliver the church from this time of trouble.  



Chapter 3, verses14, 15, 16, 20


1.  What characterized the assembly in Laodicea?

 Jesus exposes the deceit and supericiality that characterized the assembly of Laodicea

2.  What was the city known as?

 Known for its wealth and industry

3.  What does "Beginning" translate to?

 "source"  Jesus was not created; He is the Source of creation (John 1:3; Heb. 1:2)

4.  What did the Lord say about the Church of Laodicea?

 The Lord said, their lukewarm ways were so disgusting that they could not be stomached.

5.  What kind of church does Christ descibe in verse 20?

Some churches grow vast congregations, increase programs, and build larger buildings,  Christ may be pushed outside and left knocking at the door.  What a tragic picture of the church at Laodicea.  Christ's invitation here is to anyone who hears Jesus voice-evidently because this church had even fewer fairthful ones than Sardis.



Chapter 4,  verses 1, 2, 3, 4 5


1.  What does John allow readers to get a glimpse of?

 Through the door of heaven

2.  Who is sitting on the throne?

 God the Father

3.  What does the throne depicts what?

 The majesty of God

4.  What is the appearance of the throne?

 Like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance

5.  Who were the twenty four elders?

Represent the church-age saints



Chapter 4, verses 6, 7,8 ,9 , 10, 11


1.  What does the sea of glass describe?

A description of the area in heaven that surrounds God's throne. 

2.  What is the responsibility of the four living creatures?

 Are angels that execute judgment and lead in worship.

3. What are the four living creatures involved in one of the great scenes in heaven?

 Singing to the One on the throne.

4.  What was John privileged to?

 To hear the voices of a heavenly choir.

5.  What was the theme of the praise of the heavenly choir?

 Is that the Creator of all things is worthy of all worship.



Chapter 5, verses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


1.  Both the inside and the back of the scroll contain writing, what did this mean?

 Indicating that nothing more could be added.

2.  Who does the scroll sit in the hand of?

 In the One on the throne.

3.  What does the gradually unsealed and unrolled scroll symbolizes?

 Symbolizing the progressive judgments on earth-the earth is delivered into the hands of the King of kings, its rightful owner.

4.  Who is worthy to open and read the scroll?

 The One/Jesus is worthy.

5.  What three names for Jesus was mentioned and where did they derive from?

 The Lion of the tribe of Judah; the Root of David; the Passover Lamb who was slain.  All three names for Jesus come from the Old Testament.

6.  Why did John begin to weep

 No one in heaven, on earth, or under the earth was excellent enough to open the scroll.



Chapter 5, verses 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


1.  When the Lamb (Jesus Christ) took the scroll, what happened?

The weeping ended and praise erupted in the form of a new song, celebrating what He had done and what He is about to do.


2.  Who fell down before the Lamb?

 4 living creatures and the 24 elders

3.  Who are the new worshippers?


4.  How many angels are there in the universe?

 ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands-innumerable

5.  What does the praise begin with?

 It began with the praise of the 4 living creatures and the 24 elders

6.  How does the worship end in John's vision?

The worship ends in John's vision as the 4 living creatures and their approval to this great doxology (AMEN).



Chapter 6, 1 - 6


1.  What is the theme of Revelation 4 and 5?

 Worship is the theme.


2.  What is the subject beginning with Revelation 6 and ends with chapter 19?

Wrath is the subject.


3.  What does the horse represent?

The horse represent conquest, battle, war and attack.


4.  In verse 2, who is riding the white horse?

The rider is the Antichrist


5.  What does the bow represent?

A picture of the Antichrist ability to conquer.


6.  What is the great sword used for?

Is the assassin's sword, used to cut the throats of animals or humans.


7.  What does the firery red horseman represent?

Represents not only nations rising against nations but individuals fighting each other.  War, murder, and bloodshed are on the horizon.


8.  What does the black horse represent?

Is often connected with famine in the Bible.



Revelation Chapter 6:9 - 17


1.  What happens when the fifth seal is open?

 The scene shifts from earth back to heaven.


2.  Why is this seal different from the others?

 Rather than presenting the action, it portrays the result of the action.


3.  What kind of action does the fifth seal portray?

 John sees the souls of those who have already been slain.


4.  In the Tribulation period what will be common everywhere?

 Martyrdom will be common everywhere.


5.  During the Tribulation, many of those who trust in God at a certain time will be called to demonstrate their faith.  How will this be done?

Demonstrate often with their lives.


6.  Where were the martyrs of Revelation ?

Described as  being under the altar because the OT priests poured the blood of sacrifices there.


7.  Why did the martyrs cry out to God?

Asking Him  to render justice for all the devoted who have been murdered during the Tribulation. 


8.  What are the five basic elements in the epic judgment of God?

The shaking of the earth, the darkening of the sky, the falling of the stars, the rolling back of the heavens, and the moving of the mountains and the island.



9.  In the Old Testament, prophets consistently connect the shaking of the earth with what?

The prophets consistently connect the shaking of the earth with the final judgment of the Lord.


10.  Who is able to stand in the day of the Lord, the day of God's judgment?

The 144,000 whom God has seated.



Revelation Chapter 7 verses  1 - 17


1.  This chapter records two visions, what were they?


First vision was the 144,000 Jews from the remnant of Israel.  Second vision was portrays a great multitudes of Gentiles who have been martyred for their faith in Christ.


2.  What does God use the wind for?


Are often providential agents that God emplyes to execute His purposes.


3.  How many destructive winds are they?




4.  Who are the sealed?


Servants of God


5.  Who are the 144,000?


Jews -12,000 descendants from each of Israel tribes.


6.  What will God do with the 144,000 ?


The Lord will preserve them through the Tribulation (they will evangicalize others) so they will be alive when the Millennium begins.


7.  What will the servants of God have on their foreheads?


The Father's name on their foreheads.


8.  Where did the mark on the forehead originate?


During John's day for masters to seal or brande their slaves on the forehead or on the hand to declare ownership.


9.  What tribe was a notable omission from the 144,000 and why?


Is Dan.  Even though he was the son of Bilhah, Rachel's handmaid (Gen. 30:6), some scholars have thought that the Antichrist would come from this tribe, perhaps because of their history of idolatry.


10. What tribe did Jesus come from?


Tribe of Judah.


11. What did the multitude consists of ?


Consist of those who have been saved during the Tribulation


12. The multitude stood before the throne made white in the blood of the Lamb and with Palms in their hands, what did this mean?


They are the harvest of the 144,000 Jewish witnesses and deserve this honor before Christ.


13. What did the posture of falling before the throne signify?


This was customary for the angelic host in heaven


14. The ones saved during the tribulation will experence what?


They are the ones who heard and received the gospel message for the first time during Tribulation.


15. What will happen in the temple?


In the presence of God, it will be open to every people group.


16.  What will God do to the tears of the redeemed?


God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.



 Revelation Chapter 8:1 - 13


1.  At this point, the heavens are filled with what?


 Filled with sounds of worship.


2.  What happens with the breaking of  the seventh seal ?


Silence that precedes earth's most awesome and ominous storm.


3.  What is the trumphet used for?


Summoned people to worship.


4.  What does the seven trumphets declare?


The Lord's final intervention, bringing judgment on the earth.


5.  Why do the angels stand before God?


Stands with priestly prerogatives, presenting the prayers of the saints to God.


6.  What will happen at the first sounding of the first trumphet?


The earth will undergo terrible ecological devastation; one-third of all vegetation will be destroyed.


7.  What will happen to the saltwater bodies upon the sounding of the second trumphet?


A great mountain burning with fire is thrown into the sea.  A third of the sea becomes blood, a third of living creatures in the sea die and a third of the ships will be destroyed.


8.  How does the third trumphet affect the waters of the earth?


One third of freshwater becomes wormwood, killing many.


9.  How does the fourth trumphet impact the earth?


Darkens one third of the heavens, causing drastic atmospheric changes, including an extreme decrease in temperature.



Revelation Chapter 9:1 - 12


1.  What is the literal place designed to punish those who rebelled against God while on earth?


 Bible presents Hell as a literal place for those who rebel against God while on earth.


2.  What happens when the fifth trumpet blows?


It will be as if every prison on earth threw open its deoors and set the vilest offendxedrs free - only these doors will belong to hell , and the offenders will be demonic instead of human.


3.  What does the "star" represent?


Is a metaphor for a supernatural being.


4.  What does the "smoke" that rises from the pit depict?


Hell is depicted as a place where the fire never goes out.


5.  What does the "locusts" represent?


Are not real locust.  God promised never to release swarms of of locusts in judgment again after that particular plague in Egypt.  Rather, they are an image of demons swarming over the earth.


6.  What are John's metaphors meant to describe?


Are meant to descirbe strengthj, aggression, fear, fierce oppression, and destructive directed power..


7.  Why will many long for death?


As an escape from the torment of the demons but will be unable to die.


8.  The torment that the demons inflict will be both painful and protracted, like the sting of a what?


Sting of a scorpion.


9.  The demon's power will last how long?


Five months


10. Who are the fallen angels?


The king of demons and demons themselves are fallen angels.


11. Who is the angel of the bottomless pit?


The devil


12.What does Abaddon and Apollyon mean?


Means the same thing as "destroyer".





1.  Where does the command to judge come from?


Horns of the golden alta


2.  What does the judgment of sixth trumpet answer?


The prayers of the Tribulation martyrs.


3.  Who are the four angels?


High ranking fallen angels


4.  What is the most frequent mentioned river in the Bible?




5.  Why should people not know the hour, day, month and year of the release of the four evil angels?


They would orient their lives around this date rather than around God. 


6.  How many people will perish during this judgment?


Revelation 6:8 begins with 25 percent of the world's population being killed .  Now, a third of the remaining 75 percent will be killed.


7.  What does worship dictate?


Always dictates "works".


8.  John describes four works of those who worship idols in the Tribulation, what are they?


Murderers, sorceries, sexual immorality and theft.


9.  Twice John tells us that, rather than falling to their knees and crying out for God's mercy, the people in this vision failed to do what?


Like Pharaoh after the plagues in Egypt - "did not repent."


10. What does sorceries translate to?


Translate the Greek word pharmakon, from which we get our word pharmacy.


11.  What word do we use that is a derivative from the word sorceries?


Ancient drug based occult practices such as astrology, witchcraft, and divination were gateway to demonic possession.


12.  The use of mind-altering substances - doubtless with the approval of the government will be associated with what?


Will be associated with false religions in the end times.



Revelation 10:1 - 11


1.  What does the verses 1 - 11 provide for people?


Provide relief and hope for every believer.


2.  This angel has appeared twice before as what?


First as a prophet and then as the priest.


3.  What do "clouds" symbolize?


Symbolize the presence of God.


4.  The book descibed in verse 2 describes what?


A scroll.


5.  What dioes the Lord holds the "open" book to reveal what?


As proof that His wrath has been fulfilled.


6.  Something occurred when John is forbidden for the first and only time, what was it?


To reveal the content of the revelation he receives.


7.  What is the meaning of the "Seven thunders?"


Will only be known when God decides to make them known.


8.  When will the mystery of God's final judgment and triumph be revealed?


Will be revealed at the end of the Tribulation. 


9.  In verses 8 & 9, John has been asked to participate in one of the scenes.  What was it?


He is told to eat the book that is in the angel's hand (Ezek. 2:8 - 3:3)


10. What would be sweet to the taste and bitter to the belly?


The forthcoming judgment represented by this book.


11. Preaching prophetic truth is what kind of experience?

A bittersweet experience.



REVELATION 11:1 - 19


1.  Why is chapter called a "Jewish" chapter?


It focuses on Jerusalem, the temple, and the place of the Jews in the activities of the end time.


2.  Why is this chapter also called a prophetic chapter?


It does not describe historical events.  This chapter is to be interpreted literally - people, numbers, places and events.


3.  When will the temple be rebuilt?


It will be rebuilt by the Jews in the activities of the end time.


4.  What does Measuring the temple mean?


Has nothing to do with determining its size; rather, it describesGod's pending judgment against the idolatrous worship taking place there.


5.  What does the rod signify.


Signifies God's judgment.


6.  The two witnesses are believed to be whom?


Elijah and Moses.


7.  What does the olive trees and lampstands signify?


Signify their ministry of light in the power of the Holy Spirit.


8. What does people must do to become immortal?


If people are following the will of God, doing what He has called them to do, they are immortal until God deems them finished.


9.  What does verse 7 reference to?


This is the first reference in Revelation to the beast.


10. To be refused burial means what?


To be refused burial was a sign of extreme shame and dishonor.


11. Servants of God are killed and turned into an occasion to do what?


Their deaths are turned into celebrations especially in Jerusalem.


12.  The two witnesses are confronted with whom?




13.  How long did the bodies of the witnesses lay in the street for how long?


Three and half days.


14. What happens to the witnesses when God restores them to life?


The witnesses ascended into heaven and observed by their enemies, wreaking fear and further disaster.


15. What does the seventh trumphet reveal?


The seventh trumpet will reveal God's final seven judgments upon the earth.



REVELATION CHAPTER 11:15 - 19,12:1 - 9


1.  What does the events of 12 - 18 describe?


Describes the transition of power to Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords.


2.  During the time of Tribulation, the kingdom of this world  belonged to whom?




3.  What does verse 18 outline?


It outlines what happens in the rest of the book.


4.  What does the ark of His covenant contain?


Contained the tablets of the law, a pot of manna, and the rod of Aaron that budded.


5.  Who are the key players in the final conflict in heaven?


The key players are God and Satan.


6.  What did the woman represent?


She represents Israel.


7.  She is trying to give birth to a child.  "Who is the child?"


The Lord Jesus Christ


8.  How many heads is Satan described having?


Seven heads.


9.  What does the heads of Satan indicates what?


The seven heads of this dragon indicate Satan's universal power and evil.


10. The number seven is a symbol of what?


Usually a symbol of totality in the Bible.


11. When Satan was expelled from heaven, how many angelic hosts fell with him?


One third of the angelic hosts.


12. What is Satan's primary purpose?


Satan's purpose is to destroy Christ.


13.  What are the three significant events in Christ's life?


His incarnation (she bore a male Chilod; Isa 7:14; 9:6); His ascension (her Child was caught up to God and His throne; Luke 24:51; Acts 1:9 - 11); and His second coming (who was to rule all nations with a rod a iron; 227; 19:15).


14. How long has the war between God and Satan and their chief angels been going on?


Going on for ages.



15.  Why was Satan casted out of heaven?


Because Satan sought to rival the Most High God and receive the worship that rightfully belongs to God alone.






1.  Who does the "loud voice" belongs to?


Belongs to one of the martyrs described in Revelation 6:9, 10.


2.   What is the basis for all victory over Satan


The death and resurrection of Christ.


3.  What is the ultimate death also called?


Separation from Him (also referred to as the second death).


4.  The martyirs overcame death in three ways.  What are they?


1.  The blood of the lamb    2.  their testamony   3.  their unwavering devotion to God (to their death


5.  Why is Satan's assault considered anti-Semitic?


He persecute the woman, a symbol of Israel


6.  What does water symbolize in verse 15?


 It is more likely that the water symbolizes an aggressive assault by Satan to destroy the Jewish people through their enemies.


7.  Satan's rage during the Tribulation is towards what country?




8.  Who are the remnants of Israel during Tribulation?


The 144,000 who refused to take the mark of the beast.


9.  How many of the remnants refuse to take the mark of the beast?




10. God protects His own  during what part of Tribulation?


The latter part of Tribulation (the final three and half years) for a time and times and half a time.


11.  What does for a time and times and half a time mean?


Three and half years. 



REVELATION 13:1 - 10


1.  The beast that John saw come out of the sea is a composite of four wild animals,.  What are they?


A composite of four wild animals that Daniel saw. (leopard, bear, lion, dragon).


2.  These four creatures represent the four kingdoms that would arise.  Name the four kingdoms.


Babylon, Greece, Persia and Rome


3.  The sea in biblical imagery stands for what?


The general mass of humanity


4.   Who are the conduits of Satan's power?


Anchrist and the false prophet


5.  The term "antichrist" comes from two Greek words and means what?


Means "against" or "instead of" - thus Anti-Christ


6.  The Antichrist will make war against who?


Against Christ and His people


7.  Can Satan create anything new?


Cannot create anything new


8.  Who will fake his death and then "rise again?"


The Antichrist


9.  What will the Antichrist be noted for?


Noted for his eloquence and ability to move the masses


10.  Another beast rises out of the earth.  Who is it?


The false prophet



REVELATION 13:11 - 18


1.  God is a Trinity.  Why is Satan  known of having a trinity?


An unholy trinity - Satan is God the Father, Antichrist is God the Son and the False Prophet is God the Spirit


2.  Name the trinity of Satan.


See above answer


3.  At the end of the age, what will Satan's use a false religion for?


False religion will be one of Satan's means to unite the world under the leadership of the Antichrist


4.  What will the false prophet try to pass himself off as?


The returned Elijah


5.  The false prophet will imitate the miracle of the two witnesses to do what?


By calling down fire.....from heaven


6.  The false prophet will convince people to build an image of worship of whom?




7.  What will be newly constructed at this time?


Jewish temple


8.  What will the false prophet cause the image to do?


He will cause the image to speak


9.  Thed Greek word for mark was always associated with what?


Always associated with the Roman emperor


10.  What was the mark used for?


It often contained the emperor's name his effigy and the year of his reign.


11.  What number is used for the mark of the beast?





Revelation 14:1 - 5


1.  What is very important in prophetic writings and it also was the capital city of David?


Mount Zion


2.  Where will the 144,000 receive their reward for finishing their work?


Earthly Zion


3.  Who are the singers?


Redeemed Jews praising God


4.  Why are the singers praising God?


For God for fulfilling His promise to protect them


5.  Why is it that nobody could learn their song?


Because these witnesses are unique


6.  This group had gone through what period?


Through the teeth of the Tribulation


7.  The Christian's best preparation for ministry is to do what?


No power like that of people who have kept themselves pure from the world and who have God's seal upon them


8.  Virgins is what kind of description?


Is not a physical description but a spiritual one


9.  Who must be pure in their ministry?


The 144,000 must be pure in their ministry


10.  What is one of the gross sins of the Tribulation?


Will be apostasy-spiritual adultery


11.  The Antichrist will come in the power of who?




12.  How will the Antichrist persuade people to believe in him?


Have the power of Satan with false wonders so that the multitudes will believe a lie.



REVELATION 14:6 - 20


1.  These announcements connect the rest of the Book of Revelation with the seventh trumpet presented in what chapter?


Chapter 11


2.  The first Babylon mentioned in the Bible was a city founded by whom?


A rebel named Nimrod


3.  How was the gospel describe in verse 6?


Described as everlasting


4.  What was Babylon known for?


First great Gentile world power to persecute God's people and abuse nations of the world.


5.  Why is Babylon used in the Book of Revelation?


Serves as a preliminary announcement of the final overthrow of the false religious system of the end time.


6.  Babylon refers not only to a place but also as what?


A system of idolatrous worship that centers in Satan.


7.  In verses 9 - 11, this announcement puts the options of those dwelling on earth in concise form.  What are the options?


Worship the beast and be damned by God, or worship God and be damned by the beast.


8.  What does "patience" refer to?




9.  In verse 13, the NT begins with Jesus' beatitudes for whom?


 For the living.


10.  In verse 13, the NT end with Jesus' beatitudes for whom?


For the dying.


11.  How many beatitudes are in the Book of Revelation?




12.  What does the word "rest" refer to?


Pictures sailors who spend their entire lives at sea and finally come to their home port.  The word means refreshment, rejuvenation, or the absence of struggle and persecution, not idle activity as some assume.



REVELATION 14:17 -  20


1.  Where does the first angel come from?

 From the temple

2.  What was the first angel carrying?

 A sharp sickle

3.  Where does the second angel come from?

 From the altar

4.  What kind of power does the second angel have?

 He orders the first angel

5.  Which angel is in charge of the mission?

 The second angel

6.  What does the second angel order the first angel to do?

 To cut the ripe clusters

7.  Who is being thrown into the winepress?


8.  The people of the earth are descibed as what?


9.  What is the final battle called?


10.  The bllood that is shed at this last battle is said to have the proportion of a flood, covering how many mile area?

200 mile square area 

11.  What is the depth of the blood?

 Four feet

12.  This terrible judgment of God is also prophesied by whom?

 Joel (Joel 3:11  16)





1.  The word plague is translated elsewhere in the Bible by what word?




2.  Armageddon is also known as what?


Final judgement


3.  Those who triumph over Satan is given what?




4.  What does God give the 144,000?




5.  What is the instrument of joy and celebration in the Bible?




7.  In verses 3 and 4, this song is modeled after what song?


Song of Moses


8.  Where does the 144,000 sing the song?


By the sea


9. What are the seven bowls filled with?


The wrath of God


10. What is smoke a symbol of?


A symbol of the presence and glory of the Lord


11.  Why is everyone prohibited to enter the temple? 


Prohibited until the bowls were  emptied illustrates that individuals who refuse to drink the cup of God's salvation must drink from the bowls of His wrath.





1.  The seven seal judgments present the world ruined by whom?




2.  The seven trumpet judgments resent the world ruled by whom?




3.  The seven bowl judgments present the world reclaimed by whom?




4.  One by one the angels will turn over their bowls which does what?


Which recall some of the plagues God poured out on Egypt before the Exodus


5.  The loud voice belongs to whom?


God Himself


6.  What does the sore symbolizes ?


 An outward sign of some inward corruption


7.  Unbelievers will have no explanation for what?


For the bowl judgments


8.  What happens when the second bowl is poured out?


 Every creature in the sea dies


9.  What happens when the third bowl is poured out?


Extends to freshwater rivers and lakes, turning the bitter water into bloody water


10.  The altar is the focus of this message of retribution, why?


Because the souls of the slain saints are held under the altar


11.  Where are the souls of the slain saints held?


Under the altar


12.  What does the voice declare?


God's justices in judging His enemies, who have martyred His people




REVELATION 16: 8 - 15


1. When God created the sun, He caused it to shine on whom?


godly and ungodly


2.  Who will feel the scorch of the sun during the Tribulation?




3.  How the world pictured during this time?


A world out of control


4.  What happens when the fifth bowl is poured out?


God centers His judgment on the place of Satan


5.  The sixth bowl judgment is similar to what trumpet judgment ?


6.  What happens at the sixth bowl judgment?


Similar to to the sixth trumpet


7.  What is Armageddon also called?


The battle of the great day of God almighty


8.  Who is the unholy trinity?


Satan, antichrist and false prophet


9.  What is the unholy trinity committed to?


Destruction of Israel


10.  Before God allows the lqst bowl to be poured out on the earth, there is one more warning in the form of a what?


An interlude


11.  The Lord will come to the world as a what at the end of the Tribulation?


As a thief at the end of the tribulation


12.  What does Armageddon mean and where is it located?


Mount of Megiddo, a mountain the plain of Esdraelon 



REVELATION 16:17 - 21, 17:1


1.  The seventh angel tips his bowl and its outpouring is followed by what?


Thunder, lightning and hailstones


2.  Hailstones weighed approximately how much?


Up to a 100 pounds


3.  What is the weight of a talent?


100 pounds


4.  What did a loud voice say from the temple of heaven?


It is done!


5.  These words were spoken again when what was complete.


Judging human sin


6.  What will happen when the final act of judgment is complete?


Christ returns


7.  What must unrepentant humanity face during eternal judgment?


eternal judgment in the lake of fire


8. What does the great harlot represent?


Devil's spiritually adultenous system of religion


9.  The harlot made kings and the inhabitants of the earth drunk with what?


Power, pride, false worship and material possessions


10.  What is considered spiritual adultery?


Any worship besides the worship of the God of the Bible


11.  The harlotry of the false religious system in the last days will be seen how?


Harlotry alliance with the political powers of the world


12.  What does the seven heads and 10 horns speak of? 


Speak of the political system of the beast, the antichrist 



REVELATION 17:4 - 11


1.  How is the great harlot dressed?


Like a queen


2.  The cup she holds is full of what?


Abomination and filthiness of her fornication


3.  In what way does sin work?


It comes covered in an attractive veneer that hides its evil and hideous consequences


4.  The name on the woman's forehead recalls the place where idolatry began.  What is the name of the city?


The tower of Babel.  Babylon


5.  What is the name of the city yet unknown?


Babylon the Great


6.  Does the system of idolatry continue to this day?




7.  Who begins to interpet the mystery of John's vision?


An angel


8.  Who is the deceiver of the whole world?


The beast/Antichrist


9.  One of his deceptions include what?


A contrived death and resurrection


10. The woman is known as whom and is a representative of what?


The harlot.  The representative of the false religious system of the end time


11.  The seven mountains represents what city?




12.  Who is the eighth king?


The Antichrist



Revelation 17:12 - 18


1.  What does the 10 horns represent?


10 kings


2.  Who was given authority to rule the world along with the Antichrist?


The 10 kings


3.  When will this rule occur?


During the Tribulation


4.  How will their reign end?


With the triumph of the Lamb, Jesus Christ


5.  Who will triump?


Jesus Christ


6.  What do these verses describe?


The self-destructive nature of sin


7.  What happens to the people who rule with Rome?


They turn against Rome (the harlot) and destroy her


8.  Who does the evil world system follow?


The beast


9. What will happen to the evil world system?


The beast destroys it


10.  What does God do with the kings?


God moves the kings to want to fulfill His purpose shows that He is still in control and that His goodness still reigns


11.  Who is in control and what will reigns




12.  What city rules over the kings of the earth?


Chapter 17 concludes with Babylon, that great city ruling over the kings of the earth 



Revelation 18:1 - 10


1.  Whose reign will not be long, but it will be horrendous?




2.  Chapter 18 records the end of the delusion of whom?


Satan and his host of worshippers


3.  What city will be reduced to an ash heap by One with greater authority and glory?




4.  The Greek word "fallen" describes what?


An instantaneous action


5. How long will God take to destroy the city decisively?


In the course of one hour


6.  What city will become famous around the world as the most enlightened and liberated city on the planet, giving a free rein to all forms of immorality and depravity?




7.  The Greek word rendered reached in verse 5, 6 literally means what?


To be glued or welded together


8.  The city's sins will be so vast that they "touch" what?


They "touch" the heavens


9.  In the end times, the pride of whom will live again in the ruler of the final Babylon?




10.  This city will provide a platform for the most evil tyrant the world has ever known.  Who is the tyrant?




11.  The loss of this capital of sin will cause what?


The leaders of the world to weep as much for their loss as for hers


12.  Why will the leaders be standing at a distance?


They will be standing at a distance for fear of her torment



REVELATION  18 11 - 20


1.  Why do the merchants and mariners of the earth mourn at the destruction of Babylon?



When the economic hub of the world is gone


2.  What is called Babylon's inhumanity?


Merchandise of ....bodies and souls of men 


3.  The final system of commerce championed by the beast will do what?


Dehumanize humankind


4.  The catalog of how many items forms the basis for end-time economic commerce?


28 items


5.  What did this list consist of ?


Includes the various material possessions for which people have labored, schemed, and become enslaved throughout history


6.  What is the effort symbolic of?


Symbolic of humankind's perennial pursuit of extravagant wealth


7.  What classes of people on earth mourned the judgment of Babylon?


3 classes: monarchs, merchants and mariners


8.  Who are the three classes of people in Heaven?


saints, apostles, and prophets


9.  These classes of people in Heaven are called upon to do what?


Called upon to rejoice


10.  Unrestrained jubilation by the people of God is the result from what? 


The people of God are at last vindicated and retribution is meted out to the city that had perswecuted and martyred them



Revelation 18:21 


1.  How many times is "anymore" used?


six times


2.  What does "anymore" express?


"not at all"


3.  Never again will human joy exist in what city?





Revelation 19:1 - 8


1.  The first praise is a response to the angel's command to rejoice, why?


For the Lord's judgment of the great harlot in destroying  Babylon


2.  Whose blood did Christ avenged?


The blood of His servants


3.  The punishment of sinners is a cause of praise for whom?


For God's people


4.  Up until this time, who was delivered from the power and penalty of sin?


The redeemed


5.  The final shout of praise comes from whom?


From the whole host of the redeemed


6.  At this moment something happens in recognizing that Jesus Christ is Lord,  what was it?


At this moment every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father


7.  The time for mariage of whom has come.  




8.  When does this marriage event occur?


After the judgment seat of Christ and before the Second Coming


9.  What happens at the judgment seat of Christ?


 The saints must stand before Christ and have their works (righteous acts) tested before they are ready to be presented.


10.  How will the saints be presented to Christ?


To Him as His bride 



Revelation 19:9, 10 


1.  How is this meal different from the marriage of the Lamb?


The meal takes place on earth


2.  What country does this meal involve?




3.  Who will be the center of attraction?


Jesus Christ


4.  Who is the Bridegroom?


Jesus Christ


5.  John list four distinct personages at the feast, what are they?


The Bridegroom, who is Christ; the bride, which is the church; the comnpanions of the bride; and the companions of the Bridegroom


6.  The latter two of the distinct personages probably refers to whom?




7.  The marriage feast will last how long?


1000 years


8.  How many supppers are mentioned in this chapter?




9.  The marriage supper of the Lamb described what?


A time of joy that follows the wedding


10.  What is the supper of the Great God?


Is a time of judgment that follows the battle of Armageddon



REVELATION 19:11 - 16


1.  Who are gathered for a final assault against God and His people?


All the nations


2.  Who is the slain Lamb in Revelation 5?


Jesus Christ


3.  In Revelation 19:11, who is identified as a "mighty warrior"?


Jesus Christ


4.  How does Christ slay His enemies?


His Word


5.  Who follows Him but never lift a hand in the Battle of Armageddon?


His army


6.  What are the three names that describe the entire ministry of Jesus?


Faithful and True,  the Word of God and King of kings and Lord of lords


7.  What does Faithful and True indicates?


His intimacy and oneness with the Father and thus His eternal existence


8.  What does the Word of God refer to?


Refers back to Jesus' incarnation, when the "Word became flesh"


9.  What does King of Kings and Lord of Lords mean?


Designating His role as the Sovereign ruler of the earth when He returns


10.  How will Christ return?


Return with an army that will rule with Him once the victory is won


11.  What does Christ's Second Coming execute?


Judgment on those who who have denied Him


12.  How will Jesus strike the nations?


With a word


13.  What will Jesus' scepter be?


Will be an iron shepherd's rod


14.  What does the "robe" symbolize?





15. What does the "thigh" symbolize?




16.  Jesus will be the supreme and sole ruler of the earth.  What prophecy does this fulfill?


Prophecy of Isaiah 9:6, 7



Revelation 19:17 - 21


1.  Who is included in the carnage?


Every single person-from the mighty men to the captains, the kings, the small and great, bond and free


2.  How many times is word  "birds" found in the Bible?


3 times


3.  What kind of "birds" is being referenced?


Scavenger birds


4.  What is the supper of Armageddon refered to?


The supper of the Great God


5.  What will the birds do after the Battle of Armageddon?


They will feast on the fallen corpses of the enemies of the Lord


6.  Who gathers to make war against God?


All of those who have gathered under the leadership of beast and the false prophet


7.  Who are the leaders of those who gather to make war against God?


The beast and the false prophet


8.  Who are captured and thrown into the lake of fire?


The beast and the false prophet


9.  When will Satan join them?


After a thousand years, the Millennium


10. What happens to the remaining members of the beast's armies?


The remaining members are killed by the conquering Christ, sent to hades awaiting judgment at the Great White Throne


11.  What is the name of the place where the above mentioned members will be held until judgment at the :"Great White Throne.?







1.  What does Millennium mean?


thousand years


2.  What does Millennium period refer to?


The period when Christ will rule as King over al the earth 


3.  What will be the capital where Christ will rule?




4.  What will happen during the 1000 years of Christ's rule?


There will be peace and righteousness on earth 


5.  What will happen to Satan during this time?


He will be bound


6.  In verse 1, why is this vision recorded?


To inform readers that following his return to earth the Lord Jesus will deal with Satan


7.  In various ways, the New Testament labels Satan as what?


The ruler of this world


8.  How did Satan acquire the title identified by question 7?


By default from Adam


9.  How will Satan's rule end?


His fate was sealed at the cross and by the Resurrection


10. Where will Satan be imprisoned during the Millennium?


Bottomless pit


11.  Who was assigned to bind Satan for a thousand years?


An angel


12.  How many times is a thousand years reference to?


Six times


13.  What are the four titles given to Satan?


Dragon, serpent of old, Devil and Satan


14.  What happens to the bottomless pit during the Millennium?


It is sealed


15.  What happens to Satan at the end of the Millennium?


Satan is released to fulfill God's eternal plans



Revelation 20:4 - 8 


1.  What is visible when a "new" scene is open?




2.  What does this scene indicate?


Indicating both rule and judgment


3.  What is generally referred to as the martyrs of the Tribulation?


Souls of those who had been beheaded


4.  Who will reign with Christ on earth during the Millennium?


Martyrs of the Tribulation


5.  What does the rest of the dead refer to?


To all of the unsaved through the ages who have died 


6.  Where will the rest of the dead stand before?


The Great White Throne


7.  In verse 6, who is this blessing for?


Those who will participate in the first resurrection-the righteous from the dawn of history through the Tribulation period


8.  Who are the ones who experience a second death?


Refers to all the unsaved through the ages who have died and will be raised after the Millennium to stand before the Great White Throne


9.  Where will they eventually find their place ?


Lake of fire


10. Satan's release at the end of the thousand years show two things what are they?


That he has not changed and that the heart of humankind is desperately wicked


11. What will Satan do as a final act?


He will recruit an army to attack Jerusalem, the abode of Christ


12. Who willl volunteer for Satan's army?


People will volunteer for that army to attack the camp of the Saints


13. What are the names given to the army and its leader?


Gog and Magog


14.  Who is the leader?





Revelation 20:10 - 14


1.  What will destroy Satan armies?


Fire from heaven


2.  What will happen to Satan?


He will be cast in the lake of fire


3.  Who will be in the lake of fire preceding Satan's entry?


The beast and false prophet


4.  What will be complete as introduced in chapters 12 and 13?


Judgment of the unholy trinity


5.  Where will the Great White Throne be set up?


Some intermediate locate between heaven and where the earth once was


6.  Who is the Judge on the throne?


It is Christ


7.  Who treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of almighty God?




8.  Almost  every verse in this section begins with "and", which indicates a continuing what?


Indicates a continul chronology


9.  Who stands before the white throne?


The small and great


10. What is the only group that will be seen at the white throne?


The spiritually dead


11.  What is the judgment of?


On the evil works of the unsaved


12  .How is the gradation of punishment in helll determined?


Of punishment in hell, according to each individuals works


13.  What does this gradation mean?


The fire may be hotter for some than for others but the length of punishment will be the same


14.  What are the twins of sin's curse? 


Death (the state of death) and Hades (the place of death)


15.  Where are the condemned sent?


The lake of fire


16.  What is the second death?


Is eternal separation from God



Revelation 21:1 - 2


1.  What does John see descending from heaven?


New Jerusalem and the new earth


2.  What does John reveal in the believer's final destiny?


 New Earth


3.  What will the new earth no longer be plaqued with?


By the powers of evil, sin, death, and Satan


4.  What does the sea of the old earth represent?


Represented all the evil, violence, and unrest that seemed to come out of it


5.  What is the the first of seven listed evils that will not exist in God's new creation?


The sea


6.  What are the other evils that will not exist in God's new creation?


Death, sorrow, crying pain, night and the curse


7.  For ancient readers what did the sea represent?


A raging, threatening and fearful place that the Lord often had to calm


8.  What did the sea also signify to the ancient readers?


Chaos, disorder and evil


9.  In Revelation the sea is the home of whom?


Home of the dead


11. When John there will be no more sea in the new heaven and new earth, he is saying what?


There will be nothing to harm or cause God's people fear'. no chaos, death, or evil


12. Everything will be created how?




13. What will be the rulling place for Christ?


New Jerusalem


14. Where does this holy city originate from where?


From heaven and from God


15.  All of its inhabitants are called what?


Christ's bride


16.  This holy city is both what? 


Is both the bride and the  place where she dwells





1.  A loud voice from heaven indicates what?


That important words are to follow


2.  What is the tabernacle of God?


His dwelling place


3.  His immediate presence will be where?


Will now be on the New Earth


4.  What was the promise God made to Abraham?


That all nations would be blessed in him


5.  The disappearance of what conditions represents a total reversal of the curses found in Genesis 3?


Death, sorrow, crying and pain


6.  How will the evils present in the old creation be removed?


Will have been removed with the destruction of the old heaven and earth


7.  What kind of tears will God wipe away?


Are not tears of shame or gult but tears caused by the pain, death, persecution and other hardships that His people suffered on the present earth


8.  The New Testament contains how many passages where the word sorrow and sorrowful are found?


30 passages


9.  What kind of picture does these passages portray?


These passages always paint a icture of grief, pain, distress and travail.


10.  How is "sorrow" in verse 4 translated?


Translated to "wailing" or "mourning"





1.  What does "Behold, I signify in verse 5?


Is the first clear instance of God speaking directly since Revelation 1:8


2.  God message is directed to whom?


To the whole world


3.  What is the climax of the Book of Revelation?


Making all things new


4.  What does Alpha and Omega mean?


Is an expression indicating God's absolute sovereignty over all things


5.  What does it mean when it is said that God is the Beginning and the End?


God is the Beginner of the beginning and the Ender of the end


6.  Every individual who has overcome the world by faith will inherit what?


Will inherit all seven benefits promised in Revelation 2 and 3


7.  God promise fulfills and includes what?


This promise fulfills and includes the rest of the promise


8.  "And I will be his God" reminds readers of Genesis 17:7,8 of what?


Reminds the reader of Genesis 17:7, 8, when God made this very promise to Abraham and many others


9.  The rightful heirs to all the promises of God in the Davidic Covenant will have the privileges to do what?


It is a provision for every saint, as is the saint's eternal status as God's son


10.  Verse 8 reflects what kind of a contrast?


Between those who will be cast into the lake of fire and those who have tasted the water of life


11.  In verse 8, several types of sins are listed, those who commit them are lumped into one group by what word?


By the single word "the"


12.  In verse 8, what is their inheritance?


The second death



REVELATION 21:9 - 27


1.  The same angel that showed John the city of Babylon and its destruction now shows John what?


Shows John New Jerusalem


2.  New Jerusalem is also known as what?


The Lamb's wife


3.  Why did God earlier tell His people to "come out of Babylon?"


To avoids its judgments


4.  The place where God's people would go is where?


New Jerusalem


5. They will enter a city that reflects what?


The indescribable glory of its King


6.  The city gates and foundations bear the names of what?


The names of the 12 tribes and 12 apostles


7.  In the New Jerusalem who will live together as one?


The Old Testament people of Israel and the New Testament church


8.  They are now the people of whom?




9.  What is the dimension of New Jerusalem?


Each dimension is approximately 1,500 miles, making the base 2.25 million square miles


10. The ground floor would provide enough living space for how many people?


For more people than have ever lived in the history of the world


11.  The gold recalls what?


The main material of the temple


12.  What does the 12 stones recall?


The stones on the breastplate of the high priest



REVELATION 21:1 - 27, 22:6 - 27


1.  The entire city will be a holy temple where whom will dwell?


Where God and the Lamb dwell


2.  The inhabitants of the city will be known as what?


Priests who serve God


3.  The "Book of Life"  is a registry of whom?


Registry of the redeemed


4.  The new creation will be a return to what?


Garden of Eden


5.  The original order will be restored and who will rule over the creation with God?




6.  What was once guarded by the cherubim with the flaming sword of Eden?




7.  What is the epilogue to the Book of Revelation?


Revelation 22:6 - 21


8.  The epilogue provide answers to the first few verses of what chapter in Revelation?


Chapter 1


9.  The same angel who has been speaking about the new creation (21:1) assures John that these things will happen because God guaranteed both the words and the events foretold by whom?


The holy prophets


10.  The phrase which must shortly take place indicates what?


Indicates that both the book and time itself are nearing their conclusion



REVELATION 22:6 -  10


1.  In verses 6 and 7, Christ speaks of what blessing?


The sixth blessing to those who treat the prophecies of this book as faithful and true


2.  This blessing is also known as what?




3.  In verses 8 and 9, John resumes his role.  What was his role?


As a speaker


4.  John's written words (what he heard and saw) authenicated what?


That the words were spoken by the Lord


5.  What was John's immediate response?




6.  In verse 10, what must remain open?


The book 


7.  What does the urgency of the hour mean?


The time is at hand


8.  Why is this in contrast with Daniel's act as he was told to perform?


Daniel was told to close the book


9.   What has been revealed to John through Jesus Christ?


The book was to be opened


10.  What is the full and final revelation of Christ?


His plan for the end of history



REVELATION 22:11 - 13


1.  What people are when Christ returns is what they be for how long?




2.  People's responses to the Word become an inseparable part of what?


Of their character


3.  Behold is found how many times in Revelation? 


30 times


4.  How many occurrences are connected with the Second Coming?




5.  How many times does the word "quickly' occur in this book?




6.  In all cases but one "quickly" refers to what?


The action of Christ


7. When the Lord comes for His own, He will come how?


Speed of lightning


8.  What are Christ's three titles?


Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End, The First and the Last


9.  What do the titles mean?


Refers not only to Jesus in Revelation but also to the Lord God in Isaiah 44:6 and 48:12


10. No one is before Him  or when?


After Him



REVELATION 22:14 - 21


1.  The seventh and final blessing of the Book of Revelation falls on those who do His what?


Does His commandments


2.  Access to two things belongs to all of God's redeemed children who forsake the sins and pleasures of this world.  What are they?


Access to the river of life and to the gates of New Jerusalem


3.  In verse 16, what happens?


Jesus speaks directly


4.  Jesus is the "Root" of whom?




5.  What action does Jesus take in verse 16?


Dispel all darkness and usher in the promised perfect reign of the ever-living Messiah


6.  In verse 17, what is first part of the final invitation?


Invitation for Christ to come back to the world


7.  What is the last part of the final invitation?


Invitation for the world to come back to Christ


8.  There is a blessing to those who do what?


Hear and obey God's Word


9.  What happens to those who do not obey the Word?


A curse is place upon them


10. What is John's commission to do?


"To write these words"


11. What happens to those who tampers with the words?


They would bear the consequences of eternal judgment from God


12. What does God say?


That He is coming


13. What does His followers say?




14. The book begins and ends with what?


Begins and ends with a benediction


15. In verse 21, what is God concerned with?


Not just with its judgment but also with the message of grace and the free gift of eternal life





Read John Chapter 14, Isaiah 55:9 - 10, Genesis 1:20, Genesis 1:14 - 17, Ephesians 4:10, Isaiah 14:13,, Revelation 21:27, Revelation 20:15




1.  Why Should I Study Heaven While I'm Living on Earth?  Your own words using your knowledge of Scripture.


Did you know that heaven is mentioned more than 500 times in the Scriiptures?  Heaven ought to be prominent in our hearts and in our thoughts.


God has placed within our hearts a hunger for eternity, a hunger for heaven.  And if we do not understand that and we do not feel  that hunger with the spiritual truth of the Word of God, we will end up suppressing that need and replacing it with vain and tawdry things that will leave us empty and without satisfaction.


The truth is, we can never approximate all that God has prepared for us in our heavenly home.  And we cannot recreate heaven on earth.  But when we choose to focus on and prepare for the eternal home that awaits us, our earthly focus is shifted toward living a life that honors God and leads others to Him.


2.  Is Heaven A Real Physical Place?  Explain your findings.


Heaven is no figment of the imagination; nor is it feeling, a state of mind, or the invention of man.  Heaven is a literal place prepared by Christ for a prepared people.  In John chapter 14, Jesus Himself leaves His disciples with this promise.


"In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told youj.  And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where there you may be also (v. 2 = 3)


From this promise we have fuill confidence that heaven is a real physical place - a place where believers will one day reside with their Savior.


3.  How Many Heavens Are Described In The Bible?  Describe each.


The Bible speaks of three distinct heavens>


A.  The first heaven is described in Isaiah 55:9 - 10 and is the atmosphere surrounding the earth - the domain of the clouds and birds (Genesis 1:20).


B.  The second heaven is spoken of in Gensis 1:14 - 17 as the domain of the heavenly bodies: the sun, moon, stars, planets, and galaxies.


C. The third heaven, Paul described in his second letter to the Corinthians being "caught up t o the third heaven,"  which is beyond the first and second heavens and is the dwelling place of God - where we will one day join Christ.



4.  Where Is The Exact Location of Heaven?  Seek out references.


We do not precisely, but we know that it is "up".  In Ephesians 4:10 Paul says that Christ "ascended for above the heavens," meaning heaven is above us.  However, "up" is a different locale depending on where you are located on the earth.  Satan, addressing God, said, "I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north," which will indicate that heaven is located in the north (Isaiah 14:13).  


Both the Old and New Testament depict heaven as a place that is high, lofty, and lifted up.  The Old Testament word for heaven is shamayim - which means "the heights."  And in the New Testament, the Greek word ouranos refers to heaven as that which is "raised up or lofty."


5.  What Is The Lamb's Book of Life And Will My Name Be In It?  Read William R. Newell, a great Bible scholar regarding four things to be noted about the Book of Life.


The Bible says that in heaven, there is a book, or a registry, called the Lamb's Book of Life (Revelatiuon 21:27.  And the names of all who will be in heaven are recorded in that one book.


There are four things to be noted about the Book of Life:


1.  It is the absence of one's name in the book, not the absence of one's good works, which dooms a person.


2.  Evil works are not the issue.  Many of earth's greates sinners' names arte recorded in the Book Life because they accepted God's offer of salvation.


3.  Those whose names do not appear in the Book are cast into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:15).


4.  All names found in the Book were written before the Judgment Day.  There is no record of names being recorded (decisions being made) on that day.


We cannot earn our passage to heaven simply by being a "good person" or by living a "good" life.  Ultimately, we will not be granted entrance to heaven unless we repent of our sin and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior - then we can have full confidence that our name is recorded in the Book of Life.



6.  Is it possible for a Christian's name to be "blotted out" of the Book of Life?


Cities in John's day had a registry which contained the names of every person who lived within the confines of the city.  But if a person defiled his citizenship, he could be called before the tribunal, and his name would be removed from the registry literally "blotted out" of the city book as a penalty for his actions.  He would no longer be considered a citizen of that particular city, and would be consiged to either live in anonymity or move elsewhere.


With that concept in mind, it is believed the Book of Life is a book noriginally containing the names of every person born in this world.  But if a person dies having rejected God's offer of salvation, his name is blotted out the Lamb's Book of Life.


7.  What does Isaiah 55:9 - 10 emphasize?


The first heaven is described and is the atmosphere surrounding the earth-the domain of the clouds and birds.


For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.


For as the rain comes down, and the show from heaven, and do not return there, but water the earth, and make it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater.


8.  In Genesis 1:14 - 17, what did God say what transpired?


The second heaven is spoken  of as the domain of the heavenly bodies: the sun, moon, stars, planets and galaxies.


Then God said, "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth", and it was so.  Then God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night.  God set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth.


9.  What is the third heaven?


Paul described in his second letter to the Corinthians being "caught up to the third heaven," which is beyond the first and second heaven and is the dwelling place of God.


10. What does Isaiah 14:13 explain?


Location of heaven.


For you have said in your heart:  I will ascend into heaven; I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north.


11.  What does Jesus say in John 14:6? 


"I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me."





Read: 2 Corinthians 5:8, Phillipians 1:23, Luke 23, 43, 1 Thessalonians 4:13, Luke 16:19 - 31, Ephesians 4:8 - 10, 2 Corinthians 12:2 - 4, Revelation 20:11 - 15, Hebrews 9:27, Luke 16:26 and Luke 16:22.


1.  Do our souls "sleep" untill the resurrection at the rapture?


When believers dies, his body goes in the grave and "falls asleep."  But his soul does not sleep; his soul goes to Paradise (2 Corinthians 5:8; Philippians 1:23; Luke 23:43)


2.  What does "Paradise" mean?


It is an "enclosed garden" referring to the New Eden that Jesus offered


3.  What does the name "Lazarus" mean?


"God is my help"


4.  Does a person's earthly status as far as possession or wealth affect his eternal resting place?


Only our spirtual status before God determines our eternal resting place


5.  Is there an intermediate heaven?


The Bible teaches that every believer who died prior to the Ascension of Christ went to an intermediate heaven called Paradise (Abraham's bosom; Lukie 16:19 - 23.


But when Jesus ascended after His death, He went into Paradise and took all who were there - all the Old Testament Saints, all who had died and believed in God before the Ascension - with Him to the third heaven (Ephesians 4:8 - 10.


This means that believers no longer go to the intermediated heaven upon death.  The sould and spirit of today's believers go immediately to the third heaven, because Paradise is now with God (2 Corinthinans 12:2 - 4.


6.  Describe "Sheol".


Christ descended to Sheol (Old Testament), Hades in New Testament in the spirit to preach the good news of His triumph over death and the grave, after which He led the Old Testament Saints (imprisoned in Sheol) to heaven.


7.  Is there an intermediate Hell?


Yes.  When an unbeliever dies, his body goes into the grave and his spirit and soul goes to Hades.  Revelation 20 tells us that "Death and Hades delivered up the dead" (v. 11 - 15).  This passage indicates that Hades remains an intermediate hell until the Great White Throne Judgment - when "Death and Hades (will be) cast into the lake of fire" - permanent hell.


8.  Why isn't the "Great White Throne" not set up on earth?


The Great White Throne is not set up on earth because the earth is gone.  Neither is it set up in what is commonly called heaven, because sinners are not allowed there.  This judgment must then take place in some intermediate location between heaven and where the earth once was.


9.  Who is the Judge on the throne?


Jesus Christ

10.  When believers die, how do their souls get to heaven?


Did you know that when a person says "The angels came and took him, "it's not just sentiment?"  It's Scripture based!  Jesus says that when the beggar Lazarus died, he "was carried by the angels to Abraham's bosom" (Luke 16:22).  Thus, we have it on the authority of Jesus Himself that God sends His angels to usher believers into eternity.


11.  What does "bosom" mean?


Christ is said to have been in the bosom of the Father," i.e. he had the most perfect knowledge of the Father, had the closest intimacy with Him was leaning on Jesus 'bosom"at the last supper.  Our Lord caqrries his lambs in his bosom, i.e., has a fonder, watchful care over them.





Read:  Matthew 18:3 -4, Psalm 139:13 - 16, Job 10:10 - 12, Matthjew 18:14


1.  In what way do we have to be like children to get to heaven?


Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 18:3 - 4).


2.  What happens when we asked God to forgive our sins and come into our hearts?


We make reservation in heaven that is absolutely certain.


3.  Is there a specific age of accountability mentioned in the Bible?


There is no specific age of accountability mentioned in the Bible.  Until children mature and gain an understanding of what the message of Christ's sacrifice on the Cross means to them personally and realize their sin and guilt before God, they are covered by the blood of Christ.


4.  What about children lost through miscarriages or abortions?


Concerning the unborn, we have it on the authority of Scripture that a child is a person from the moment of conception (Psalm 139:13 - 16; Job 10:10 - 12).  Based on thaty truth, all of these unborn ones, for whatever reason they have been unborn, will be taken directly to heaven by the Father.


5.  How old will children be in heaven?


 Some suggest that when we arrive in heaven, we will all be mature in body and mind and spirit.  The book of Revelation describes worship in heaven as an all-encompassing act involving everyone who is there.  Therefore is in heaven will be of such an age so as to be able to participate in the eternal worship of Almighty God.





Read Matthew 25:21, Revelation 22:3, Psalm 16:11, Ecclesiastes 3, Hebrew 12:22 - 23


1.  Are we going to sit idly in heaven?


God will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many thiings.  It sounds like we will have many things to do!


2.  What does Revelation 22:3 reflect?


"His servants shall serve Him.  God has a great plan for each one of us to be wonderfully, happily, excitedly employed - serving the Lord in Paradise.


3.  We will know that our service will result in what?


We will be serving in the fullest expression of the capacity God has given us and using the giftedness He has placed within us.

 Our service will result in deep joy and fulfillment.


4.  God will not be boring, why?


God is the most exciting, adventuresome, creative Person that youi can imagine-multiplied a thousand times over.  The pisalmist says that in His presence "is fullness of joy," and at His "right hand are pleasures forevermore" (Psalm 16:11).


5.  Everything we do will bring us what?


Everything we do will bring us absolute and total fulfillment and joy, because that's the way God has created us.  


6.  In Ecclesiastes 3, God will put what into our hearts?


Says that God has actually put eternity in our hearts.  This means is that God has built us, as beliuevers, with a space within us that can't be satisfied with anything except heaven.


7.  Who are heaven's inhabitants?


In Hebrews 12:22 we find a list of some of heaven's residents.  Believers are going to spend all of eternity with "an innumerable company of angels," all of the "just men made perfect" (the Old Testament saints), the people who are of the firstborn (the Church), and above all, we're going to spend eternity with our God.


8.  Will we have fellowship with one another in heaven?


Because we will be God's people made over, we wioll be perfectly compatible with one another and able, for the first time ever, to enjoy the intimate fellowship that we all long for in our hearts.


9.  Imagine the unlimited opportunity to fellowship with whom?


To fellowship with people from all ages of history - even people we've only read about in books.


10.  Will we have fellowship with Christ in heaven?


In heaven, we won't just fellowship with beliuevers and the angels.  We will be able to know and fellowship with out Lord in a way that we cannot possibly comprehend.  We are going to know Him!  Our Savior will be our personal friend; and we will fellowship with Him forever and ever.





Read: Colossians 3:1 - 2, Matthew 18:10,  Revelation 5:11, Hebrew 12:22, Job 38:1 - 7, Luke 1:5 - 25, Luke 20:36, Matthew 22:30, Hebrew 1:14, Matthew 24:36, 1 Peter 1:12, Luke 15:10, Daniel 10:5 - 6, 2 Chronicles 32:21, Genesis 3:24, Jude 1:9, Daniel 10:13, Revelation 12:7 - 8, Luke 1:19


1.  Paul gave two dynamic instructions.  What are they?


SEEK and SET your mind on things above.


2.  How should Christians live in the light of Christ's imminent return?


Learn how to pursue the things of heaven.


3.  What did Jesus mean by the angels of the little ones?


Is Jesus saying each child has a specific guardian angel?  Perhaps, but a better interpretation is the angels are continually in God's holy presence, looking out for all God's people, so Christians should remember to treat all believers well.


4.  How many angels are there in heaven?


Ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands.  This is an extravagant way of saying a number beyond measure.  Innumerable!


5.  What is Mount Zion?


The heavenly Jerusalem, representing the New Covenant.


6.  What does Mount Sinai evoke?


Terror and distance.  Mount Zion - the city of the living God - evokes joy and acceptance.


7.  Some of the inhabitants of Zion are a company of what?


A  company of angels, an assembly that cannot be numbered.


8.  When were angels created?


The Bible never says when angels were created.  The angels were in existence when the earth was made and man created.


9.  Who received an audience with God and now he would be subject to divine cross examination?


Job received his audience with God and now he would be subject to divine cross examination.


10.  What does Proverbs 3:19, 20 and 8:22 -31 reveal?


Reveals the connection between God's wisdom and creation.






1.  What did the Sadducees do in Luke 20:27 - 38?


The Sadducees did not believe in  resurrection, they assuimed that if there was one, it would feature a life much like this one - a wildly faulty assumption.  They did not imagine that since those who are resurrected can never die again, marriage and procreation will be unnecessary.  And since they did not believe in angels, they could not imagine how resurrected men and women might in some respect be like them.





1.  Mystery saturates the whole topic of angels, why?


Mystery is good and healthy for us, and maybe more now than ever.  So many Christians today are lacking in awe and a sense of mystery when they consider the things of God.  Once we honestly investigate the amazing things Scripture tells us about them, we actually find ourselves drawn closer to God, instead of being distracted from God.


2.  Once we honestly investigate the amazing things Scripture tells us about angels, what happens to us?


We are drawn closer to God.


3.  If anyone who goes into a study of angels with a high view of God, what should we experience?


Will have a higher view of God and come away with an even higher view of Him.





1.  What is the best definition of heaven?


It's God's dwelling place


2.  God says, "Heaven is my throne."  Who works and lives there?


That where angels work and live


3.  Who inhabits the throne room of God?


The angels


4.  In Colossians 3:1 - 2), what does Paul tell us?


He points out specifically that heaven is where Christ is


5.  What does 18:10 reveal about angels?


"I say to you that in heaven there angels always see the facxe of My Father who is in heaven





1.  What is the highest numerical figure used in the Greek language?


ten thousand


2.  What does Hebrews 12:22 say about angels?


"But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels."  Indicating that the population of angels is:1 - 7  so large that they cannot be numbered.





1.  When were the angels created?


The Lord told Job that angels were already on the scene to celebrate when the earth was created.


2.  What does Job 38:1 - 7 say about angels?


"The Lord spoke to Job.........'Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation.........while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?"


3.  Angels are older than what?


Older than anything in the world as we see it.





1.  What happen in Daniel 9?


The angel Gabriel appeared to the prophet Daniel.


2.  What does Luke 1: 5 - 25, who appeared before Zacharias?


Five hundred years later the same unchanged Gabriel appeared to Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist.


3.  What doesn't happen to angels?


Angels know nothing of what it's like to become ill, grow old, and eventually die.





1.  Are there biblical reason to believe that God has created any more angels?


There is no biblical reason to believe God has created any more angels.


2.  What does Jesus say in Matthew 22:30?


Nor has there been any increase, since angels don't reproduce - according to Jesus' statement that angels don't marry.





1.  What does Hebrew 1:14 reveal about angels?


Angels are real but without material substances as we think of it.  God created them as non-physical beings.


2.  What form are angels bodies?


If they occupy some form of permanent bodies, these would be spiritual bodies, perhaps like the ones we'll wear someday in eternity.






1.  Do angels have any limitations?


Angels have many limitations that God can never have.


2.  Can angels be in more than one place at once.


Angels cannot be in more than one place at once.


3.  Do angels have a force of their own?


They have no force of their own and are impotent without God.


4.  Do angels have unlimited knowledge?


Angels are also limited in knowledge  Jesus said the angels don't know the time of His Second Coming to the world (Matt. 24:36).





1.  Is redemption a personal reality for angels?


Redemption is not a personal reality for angels.


2.  What do angels do when people are saved?


Angels rejoice when people are saved (Luke 15:10).


3.  Can angels testify personally?


The cannot testify personally to something they have not experienced.





1. A majority of the angel representations we see are merely what?


Angel representations we see-in paintings and gift books or as lapel pins and china figurines or gracing a host of other varities of merchandise-are merely products of human imagination.


2.  How does angels of God always appear?


Always appear masculine.


3.  Do angels as reflected in the Bible appear as female?


Shown in some historical accounts and in some personal experience but never in the Bible.


4. How did the angel that Daniel saw on the riverbank.appear?


An awesome figure.


5.  What did the angel appearance look like?


A man dressed in linen, with a belt of fine gold from Uphaz around his waist.  His body was like topaz, his face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legs like the gleam of burnished bronze, and his voice like the sound of a multitude (Daniel 10:5 - 6).


6.  What did 2 Chronicle 32:21 describe the feat of an angel?


The Lord sent an angel, who annihilated all the fighting men and the commanders and officers in the camp of the Assyrian king.





1.  What does "Hosts" describe?


Throughout the Bible, angels are called the hosts of the Lord."


2.  What does the literal term "Seraphim" mean?


Means "burning ones," is only mentioned in the book of Isaiah.


3.  Describe the appearance of a Seraphim.


The Seraphim have six wings.  Two wings cover their faces in reverence, two wings cover the feet in humility and two wings are for flying.


4.  What is the duty of the Cherubim?


Cherubim are angels that stand close to God's throne. 


5.  Describe the appearance of a Cherubim.


Cherubim have a more human appearance than the seraphim.  Each cherub has four faces: the face of a man, the face of a lion, the face of an ox and the face of an eagle.  Have human hands and four wings instead of six.




1.  Which angel is the only archangel mentioned by name in the Bible?




2.  Who is the most prominent of all the angels?




3.  Who will announce the return of Christ and the Rapture of the Church?




4.  Which angel will be victorious over Satan and all the forces of darkness in the last conflict of the age?




5.  Which angel is called the "Mighty One of God?"




6.  How is Gabriel described?


One :"who stands in the presence of God."


7.  What is the specific duty of Gabriel?


8.  Which angel answered Daniel's prayer at the end of the Babylonian captivity?




9.  Which angel anounced the birth of Jesus Christ?







Read:  Revelation 12:4; 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6; Genesis 6:2; Matthew 25:41


1.  How many kinds of angels in the world?


Two.  Real angels of God and angels of light.


2.  Are angels of light good angels?




3.  What is the term "angels of light" a reference to?


Evil angels


4.  Who also masquerades himself as a angel of light?




5.  Lucifer as the leader is also called what?


"the ruler of demons".


6.  Lucifer is know as the master of what?




7.  What does 1 John 4:1 instructs us to do?


"Test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world."


8.  How many angels rebelled against God and followed Satan?


One third of the angels.


9.  What are demons?


The angels who fell with Satan and came to be his servants on this earth.


10.  What does Revelation 12:4 reveal? 


Says the dragon's "tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth."  Stars refer to angels.





1.  Could God have prevented Satan from rebelling?


Yes, God could have prevented it.


2.  Is God omnipotent?




3.  What does omnipotent mean?


God has unlimited power.


4.  Is God omniscient?




5.  What does omnipotent mean?


God knows all.


6.  Was Lucifer created exactly as we are - with freedom to choose?







1.  The Bible speaks of two kinds of demons.  What are they?


The "fallen" and the free". and "fallen and the imprisoned".


2.  The angels with wicked spirits that work as Satan's agents here upon the earth is called what?


"fallen and the free"


3.   2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6 refers to what?


There's a whole group of these fallen angels who aren't free. 


4.  A class of the fallen angels that are in a place called Tartarus are called what?


"fallen and the imprisoned."


5.  Tartarus is called what?


One of the compartments of hell.


6.  Those in Tartarus are reserved for what?


They are reserved for judgment.





1.  What does Jude 1:6 reveal?


These angels "did not keep their proper domain".


2.  What does Genesis 6:2 reveal?


When the fallen angels saw "the daughters of men"


3.  When the fallen angels saw the daughters of men, what happened?


They cohabited with them, producing offspring that were half angels and half human.


4.  What did these angels mentioned in number 3 violate?


God given boundaries when they left their proper domain.


5.  These angels lived in the presence of Almighty God, what did they do?


These angels rebelled against Him.


6.  What kind of punishment are these angels awaiting?


Doomed to eternal punishment in the "everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.


7.  Did Jesus Christ shed His blood at Calvary to redeem the fallen angels?


Christ did not shed His blood to redeem fallen angels.


8.  What was Christ's precious blood shed for?


For the world of lost men and women.


9.  The fallen and imprisoned angels cohabited with whom and produced offspring that were half angelic and  human?


Daughters of men.


10.  Who will be doomed because they rebelled against God?


Fallen angels






Read Psalm 103:20 - 21, Luke 22:43, Daniel 9:21 - 22, Genesis 16:10 - 11, Acts 11:13, Psalm 34:7, Matthew 4:10 -11, 2 Chronicles 32:21, Matthew 18:10, Acts 12, Matthew 4:6, Numbers 22:31, 2 Kings 6:16 - 17, Hebrews 13:2


1.  What does "angels" translate to in the Old Testament and New Testament?


In Hebrew word mal'ak in the Old Testament and the Greek word angelos in the New Testament.


2.  What is the core meaning of "angel"?




3.  God's will and work for angels is to communicate what?


"His messengers"


4.  What does "His plan for us, and His protection for us means what?


His protection of us are the busy stairway angels use in their daily diligence of attending to our needs.


5.  When the angels give us strength or enlightenment, what does that mean?


It is God's strength or enlightenment that they impart.


6.  Angels protection is who's true protection?


God's protection.


7.  What does Matthew 4:10 - 11, reveal?


When they bring comfort and assistance, it is God's comfort and assistance.


8.  What does the Bible say about the wrath of angels?


It is Gods wrath they inflict.


9.  What are the two verses that support "guardian angel"?


Matthew 18:10 - Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.


Acts 12 -  After Peter was released from jail, he went to the home Mary, where a group of Christians was praying for his release.  A servant named Rhoda answered Peter's knock at the door.  She was so excited to hear his voice, she left him outside and ran to tell the believers Peter was at the door.  They didn't believe her and reasoned the person at the door must be Peter's angel.


10.  What does "Take heed that that do not despise one of these little ones" mean?


For I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.




1.  What does the Bible say when we pray directly to them for help?


The Bible gives no indication that angels will respond if we pray directly to them for help.


2.  Does the the Scripture support any evidence of people asking God to send them an angel's protection?


In the Scriipture, there are no instances.


3.  Who is the only person in Scripture who tried persuading someone else to seek help from an angel?




4.  Who quoted an Old Testament verse about angelic protection?




5.  Who was to receive the angelic protection?


Satan quoted an Old Testament verse about angelic protection while tempting Jesus in the wilderness (Matt. 4:6).


6.  Angels are whose messengers?


God's messengers to us.


7.  Do angels carry our messengers to God?


They are never our messengers to God.


8.  Does the Scripture reveal evidence of anyone praying to an angel?


No one in Scripture ever prayed to an angel.


9.  One reason that angels are invisible to human is why?


If angels were seen, they would be worshipped.


10.  What happened to John in Revelation when an angel appeared?


John tried to worship him.  This occurred twice.  The angel told him not to worship him but worship God.




1.  What happened in Numbers 22:31?


Balaam's eyes were opened to see the Angel of the Lord.


2.  What did 2 Kings 6:16 - 17 reveal?


The Lord opened the eyes of Elisha's servant to see the "horses and chariots of fire" surrounding Elisha.


3.  Do angels appear in human form?




4.  What did Genesis 18 and 19 say about angels?


Angels appear as men to Abraham and Lot.


5.  What does scripture say about entertaining strangers?


If you really believe in angels and would enjoy entertaining or honoring them (as a thank-you gesture perhaps for everything  they do for you), consider improving your hospitality to strangers.


6.  When will you know if any of the strangers you encountered were angels?


Not until eternity will you know if any of the strangers you encountered were angels.


7.  Will you be an angel in heaven?




8.  Do people evolve into angels?




9.  Do angels age?




10.  Do angels spend time earning their wings?




11.  Are angels created at different times?


They were all created simultaneously - in a single moment.


12.  Have there been an increase in their ranks since the beginning of  their time?


Their full number was created in the beginning, and there has been no increase in their ranks since that time.






Read: 1 Corinthians 15, 1 Thessalonian 4,  1 Corinthian 15:37 - 38, Philippians 3:20 - 21, 1 Corinthians 15:49, John 21:12 - 13,  1 Corinthians 15:42 


1.  When a believer dies where does their body go?


Into the grave until the Rapture..


2.  What event will happen at the Rapture?


Christ is going to come in the air, the trumpet will sound, and those who died and those who on earth will join Christ.


3.  What happens to those who have died in Christ at the Rapture?


They will be raised first, followed by those who remain on earth.


4.  In the process of the resurrection, at the last trumpet, what will happen to the bodies of the believers?


They will be immediately transform into their permanent heavenly bodies.


5.  How fast will this transformation take place?


In the twinkling of an eye.


6.  What is the prerequisite for having a resurrecftion body?


First you have to have a dead body.


7.  What does Paul say Corinthians that refers to the resurrected body?


"Foolish one, what you sow is not made alive unless it dies."


8.  What did Jesus say in John 12 that refers to the resurrected body?


"Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain."


9.  In Corinthians 15, what important point did Paul make that reference to a resurrected body?


The seed is one thing, the body of the plant it produces another.


10. A kernel of corn is radically different from the tall, green stalk that emerges from the earth.  What does this mean when addressing the subject of a resurrected body?


Applied to the human body, the body that dies and is buried in the earth is raise as a totally different kind of body.


On the day of our resurrection, the body that comes out of the ground will be very different from the body that went into the ground.





1.  Paul gives four ways in which the bodies will come out of ground will be different from the bodies that were buried in the ground.  What are they?


Our new bodies will be indestructible .


Our new bodies will be identifiable


Our new bodies will be incredible


Our new bodies will be infinite


2.  There was only one body that was perfect - incorruptible.  Who was it?


Jesus Christ


3.  What was prophesied by the psalmist in Psalm 16:10?




4.  Whose bodies are "sown in corruption?"


Our bodies


5.  Will our resurrected bodies be corrupted?




6.  Will our new bodies be identifiable?




7.  Our new bodies will be raised in glory.  What does this mean?




8.  Our new bodies will be like whom?


Christ's "glorious body"


9.  What did Paul conclude in verse 49 of 1 Corinthians 15?


"And as we have borne the image of man of dust (Adam), we shall also bear the image of the heavenly man (Christ)."


10.  The best glimpse we have of what Jesus' glorified body was like is when?


The forty day period between His resurrection and ascension.




1.  Jesus, when He met with the disciples after His resurrection, invited them to do what?


To touch Him to see that His body was real.


2.  What did Jesus say to His disciples when He met with them?


"Handle Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have."


3.  Will we eat in heaven?


Jesus ate on at least two occasions.


4.  Did Jesus eat after He was resurrected.  If so, what scriptures reflect this occasion?


He ate a piece of fish and some honeycomb on one occ asion and shared fish and bread with His disciples on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.


5.  What role of food change to?


The role of food changes from being a necessity to a pleasure.


6.  Did Adam and Eve have to eat to stay alive before the curse?




7.  Who was the disciple that doubted the appearance of Jesus?




8.  What did Jesus ask him to do?


Jesus encouraged him to reach out and touch His wounds, to see that it was really Jesus in the body in which He had been crucified.


9.  What did Jesus tell Mary when she first encountered Him?


He cautioned her not to cling to Him-to throw her arms around HIm.


10.  What does it say about Jesus when Mary embraced Him?


He would not said that had it not been possible for her to cling to Him; that is, if His body had not been as true physical body.





1.  If our bodies are going to be like Jesus' body, what characteristics are evident?


We will be physical, we will be recognizable, we will be able to eat, and we'll be able to communicate.


2.  What does Paul say in Corinthians 13:12?


"Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known."  


3.  Will we know and be known in heaven?




4.  On the Mount of Transfiguration who were recognized by the disciple being with Jesus?


Elijah and Moses


5.  Jesus said that in the kingdom of heaven,  "many will come from east and west and sit down with whom?"


Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 


6.  Who represents those who died in Christ?




7.  Who represent those who will be raptured?




8.  Who are known as the 3 Jewish patriarchs?


Abraham, Isaac and Jacob


9.  Who said our bodies are sown in weakness, but "raised in power."




10.  What will happen when we come out of the grave?


We will come out as power personified.  The weakness, we experience now wsill be a thing of our past life.




1.  Much of Jesus' life and ministry took place on what?


On mountains


2.  What term is used symbolically in the Bible?




3.  On one occasion after Jesus' resurrection, how did He enter the room of the disciples?


He just appeared.


4.  What did John 20:19 reveal?


He didn't use the door - He was just there.


5.  Will our bodies have limitations in heaven?


The point is that we can't even imagine what it will be like to live in bodies that are not limited as our current bodies are.


6.  Paul points out the image  bearer for our natural body and the image bearer for the spiritual body we will receive.  Who are the bearers?


He points to Adam as the image bearer for our natural body and to Christ, the last Adam, as the image bearer for the spiritual body we receive.


7.  The spiritual body is not controlled by what?


By the physical appetites of the fallen, carnal human nature.


8.  Who will control our spiritual bodies?


By the Holy Spirit.


9.  What is the  basic difference between natural bodies and spiritual bodies?


Is one is at home on the earth, and the other is at home in heaven.


10.  What does Paul say in 1 Corinthians 15:50?


Our natural body cannot inherit the kingdom of God.




1.  Our spiritual bodies will welcome the control of the Spirit and we will no longer have to contend with what?


With the flesh


2.  Our whole desire will be to do the will of whom?




3.  What happens when the last trumpet sounds?


The dead are raised and changed from corruption into incorruption.


4.  From 1 Thessalonians, what is the specific order what will take place?


The dead in Christ will rise first; then those who are alive when Christ returns will join them in the air, and all will be changed.


5.  Instantaneously, what happens "in the twinkling of an eye?


Our corruptible, natural, weak, and limited bodies will become incorruptible, spiritual, powerful, and limitless bodies.


6.  How does 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4 describe grieving?


Grieving is a natural and healthy process, but the Christian's grief should look different from that of others who have no hope.

Christians grieve with a confidence that deceased believers are safe in heaven, thus their grief is mixed with comfort and even joy.


7.  What is the euphemism for death?




8.  The call to resurrection at the Rapture will not include whom?




9.  In Revelation there will be a further resurrection.  Who will stand before the Great White Throne in Judgment?




10.  What happens in 1 Thessalonians 4:16?


Jesus return to take believers to heaven - a fulfillment of His promise to His disciples - will be a sudden and stupendous event that will mirror His post - Resurrection ascension to heaven.





1.  How will Jesus' return be viewed?


His return will not be misunderstood by those who belong to Him.


2.  Who will not understand the experience of the Rapture?




3.  What did Paul exhort the Thessalonian Christians to do?


To comfort each other with reminders of their ultimate destiny.


4.  Christian death is not what?


Not permanent.


5.  Paul says, "To be absent from the body" is to be present with whom?


Be present with the Lord.


6.  What does Thessalonians 4:17 describe?


When a person dies, his or her soul and spirit - the immaterial parts of us that give life to our bodies and that also think and feel and relate to God - leave the body and go immediately to be with the Lord,  while body goes in the grave.


7.  Paul attempts to answer questions about the bodies that the saints will have in the resurrection?  What did he describe?


They will be the same, yet fundamentally different.  People will be themselves, but as they should be, not as they are.


8.  The bodies in which Christians now live are still marked by the Fall.  What does this mean?


The resurrection bodies of believers will be raisedd in incorruption.  The redeemed will still be human, but without the corruption of sin.


9.  So when this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass by the saying what?


That it is written: "Death is swallowed up in victory."


10. What will happen to the Christians who has been born into the family of God during this church age?


Christians will be changed and raised when the last trumpet sounds.  When Christ returns at the Rapture, the graves will be opened and believers will ascend to be with the Lord.  That is the resurrection of this age.




1.  Jesus told Mary, "Do not cling to Me."  Why did He say that?


He had not ascended to the Father.


2.  What did Jesus command His followers to do?


Not only to pray but to go out and serve and witness.


3.  Christians are called what because of His love for others?


Christians are conduits of His love for others.


4.  Why was Thomas called "Doubting Thomas?"


Thomas had questions to ask Jesus.


5.  Did Jesus rebuke Thomas for his questions?




6.  Do we receive answers from God quickly when we pray?


God answers prayers in His time.


7.  What did Thomas do after Jesus' ascension?


Thomas went on to serve God.


8.  Where did Thomas preach about Jesus?


In India.


9.  What caused Thomas' death?


He was killed by a spear in his back.


10. When believers asked questions, do they bore much fruit?





1.  Those who do not have knowledge of God refers to the faction (some) within the church are called what in sheep's clothing?




2.  What did Paul say about the bodies of the saints will have in the resurrection?


They will be the same, yet fundamentally different.


3.  How will people appear after the resurrection?


People will be themselves, but as they should be, not as they are.


4.  The bodies in which Christians now live are still marked by what?


By the Fall.


5.  What happens when the last trumpet sounds to the Christians born in the family of God?


Resurrected bodies of believers will be raised in incorruption.


6.  How many stages does the resurrection have?




7.  What does stage 1 reflect?


Christ was the first to be permanently resurrected from the grave.  More resurrections will follow.


8.  Whatr does stage 2 reveal?


Those who are saved will be raised (Rev. 20:5).  First will be the church-age believers who have died and the believers who are alive on the earth when Jesus returns as the Rapture (15:51, 52).  Next, the Tribulation saints and the OT saints (Dan. 12:1, 2) will be raised at the end of the Tribulation period and will serve with Christ in the Millennium (Rev. 20:4, 5).


9.  What happens to unbelievers in stage 3?


All believers will be raised.  At the end of Christ's thousand year millennial reign, every unbelieving person will be resurrected to stand before the throne of God and give an account of his or her works (Rev. 20:11 - 15) - the Great White Throne Judgment.


10. What happens during the Great White Throne Judgment?


Unbelievers will give an account of their works and then sent to the pits of hell.





1.  What happens when our earthly bodies are destroyed?


Whether we have a body in a grave to be resurrected or our body is destroyed by fire or some other disaster, an incorrupted body will be resurrected to join with Chgrist in the air on that great day.


2.  What illustration did Paul used with a kernel of corn?


If you put a kernel of corn into the ground and let it grow, the green stalk that comes out of the ground is not the kernel.  In other words, the body that comes out of the grave on the day of resurrection is different from the body in a grave to be resurrected is different from the body that went into the grave.


3.  What does the future bodies resemble?


We will have real bodies-physical, transformed bodies like the body of the Lord Jesus when He was resurrected from the grave.


4.  Was Jesus' body real at His ascension?Yes


5.  What does Luke 24:39 reveal?


When we get to heaven, we're not going to have a "spirit body" that floats around forever, we're going to have real physcial bodies.


6.  When we get to heaven, what kind of a body will we have?


Real physical bodies.


7.  Will we have a spirit body?




8.  Will we be identifiable in heaven?




9.  What kind of bodies be designed for heaven?


We will be recognizable in heaven.


10.  Will we know one another in heaven?







1.  How are our bodies buried?


In corrupotion


2.  How will our resurrected bodies be?


Will be incorruptible


3.  How long will our resurrected bodies last?


Will last for eternity


4.  Will our resurrected bodies become old and be subject to disease and aging.




5.  The Bible says that when we are transformed and our resuirrection bodies come out of the grave, we are going to be totally in the what?


The Spirit


6.  The natural body is what kind of control?


Soul controlled


7.  The spiritual body will be under what kind of control?


Spirit controlled


8.  Our resurrected body will be no longer governed by the appetities of what?


Appetites of the flesh


9.  Our resurrected body are going to do only those things that please whom?


Please the Lord


10.  Our physical appetites will marginalized by the appetite that we have for whom?


Lord God and His glory






Read:  1 Corinthians 9:25 - 27, 1 Thessalonians 2:19, 2 Timothy 4:8, James 1:12, Revelation 2:10, 1 Peter 5:4,  Romans 14:12, 2 Corinthians 5:10, 1 Corinthians 3:13 - 14, 2 Corinthians 5:9 - 11, Ephesians 2:8 - 10, Revelation 4:10 - 11, 1 Corinthians 13:12




1.  After the Rapture, how will believers be judged?


Will be judged individually for their works as Christians.


2.  What will be handed out to the believers?


Special rewards


3.  What will we do when we meet God.  Romans 14:12.


Each of us shall give account of himself to God.


4.  Where will we appear when we meet Christ?


The judgment seat of Christ.


5.  What does Ephesians describe regarding good anyone does?


Knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord.


6.  What does 1 Corinthians reveal about anyone's work?


If anyone's work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward.


7.  This judgment of Christ has nothing to with what?


Has nothing to do with our salvation.


8.  What does this judgment have to do with?


It has to do with the kind of Christian we have been, a judgment of our faithfullness as followers of Christ.


9.  God's judgment is perfect and what?




10.  Is this judgment a final exam to determine your suitability for heaven?







1.  The Bible could not be more clear that we are saved by what?




2.  Are we saved by our works?




3.  How are your sins forgiven?


If you have trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior.


4.  How do you enter the holy presence of God in heaven?


By believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.


5.  How are your sins - past, piresent, and future paid for.


On Calvary's cross.


6.  The Judgment Seat of Christ is where you are rewarded for what?


Being rewarded for service.


7.  What are the works described in Ephesians 2:10?


Christians are saved for good works, not by their works.


8.  Are we saved by good works?




9.  Our eternal destination is the consequence of what?


Is the consequence of how we believe on earth.


10.  Our eternal compensation is the consequence of what?


Of how we behave on earth.




1.  Why do you appear before Christ at the Judgment Seat of Christ?


This judgment is to evaluate our works.


2.  What is the prospect of this coming judgment?


Is what should keep us from judging one another in this life.


3.  Who is the final judge?


Jesus Christ


4.  What kind of rewards will believer receive in Heaven?


There will be five crowns.


5.  What is the Victor's crown?


This crown will be awarded for self discipline  (Corinthians 9:25 - 27).


6.  What defines the Crown of Rejoicing?


Which will be given to those who have led others to Christ (1 Thessalonians 2:19).


7.  What is the Crown of Righteousness?


Will be given to those who have a longing for the Lord Jesus - who look for Jesus - who look for Jesus' return (2 Timothy 4:8).


8.  What is the Crown of Life?


Placed upon those who have endured and triumphed over trail and temptation and persecution, even to the point of martyrdom (James 1:12; Revelation 2:10).


9.  What is the Crown of Glory?


Awarded to the faithful shepherds of the people of God and to Christians leaders (1 Peter 5:4).


10.  Will the crowns be the only rewards in Heaven?




11.  What will be our chief reward? 


The Lord Himself





1.  To the suffering church at Smyrna, Jesus gives two commandments.  What were they?


Be fearless and be faithful.


2.  To permit anything to enter one's body outside of the boundaries God has established becomes a form of what?




3.  Metamorphosis was used twice in reference to an event involving Christ?  What did it refer to?


For transformed and indicate change "from inside out."


4.  Temporary things help people appreciate what?


Eternal things.


5.  Who was the only New Testament writer to mention Job?




6.  What does "Behold happy is the man whom God corrects" mean?


Therefore do not despise the chastening of the Almighty.


7.  The price to be paid in the Christian life is to do what to one's mind?


Disciplining one's mind.


8.  The victory is won over the worldly war by studying what?


Studying the Word.


9.  Endurance helps us wait with steadfast trust, to do the will of whom?




10.  Paul traces the history of the Roman believers in four stages.  What are they?


Enslaved, enlightened, emancipated, and enslaved again.




1.  How do you equp and build the Spirit?


Endurance helps us wait with steadfast trust, do the will of God amid difficulties.


2.  No one can destroy the flesh in this life, but they can destroy the deeds of what?




3.  What is the Greek term for rightly dividing?


"To cut straght."


4.  How was the Law of God received and cared for?


The approved worker handles the Word with precision and care.


5.  Paul teaches that the believer's physical body is the what?


Is the temple.


6.  Paul explain that the local church is called what?


The temple of God.


7.  A harsh warning was given by God for an unacceptable act.  What was it?


Those who are motivated to block or ruin what God wants to do.


8.  Those who are motivated to block or ruin what God wants to do is called what?




9.  Peter speaks directly to elders.  What two responsibilities are given to elders?


To feed and lead (shepherd the church).


10.  What is Jesus' final words to Peter?


He tell him to feed the flock and tend the sheep (John 21:15 - 17).





1.  When are the believers removed from earth?


During the Rapture


2.  When will the believers stand before the Lord Jesus Christ?


At the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ


3.  What is the Bema Seat?


Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ


4.  What is the Lord going to judge the believers for?


Our conduct and work as believers


5.  When believers appear before Christ, what will they do?


Give an account of ourselves to God.


6.  What does 1 Cor. 3:13 - 14 reveal?


Each one's work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and fire will test each one's work, of what sort it is.  If anyone's work, which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward.


7.  On that day what will believers be given for whart we have done between the moment of our salvation and the day that we ultimately stand before HIm?




8.  What is not an entrance exam for heaven?


Judgment Seat


9.  Our sins have been paid in full by whom?


Jesus Christ at Calvary


10.  Does the works of man qualify us for acceptance to that eternal resting place?




11.  What is the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ?


Is where you will be rewarded for your Christian service as a believer after you have entered into heaven.




1.  After we receive our rewards who are we going to see?


Jesus Christ


2.  What are we going to do with the rewards?


Fall down at His feet and cast them before the throne as a gift of love.


3.  What does Rev. 4:10 - 11 say about the rewards?


You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power.


4.  What does the opportunity provide us to do?


To give tro Christ the only thing we have to offer Him in heaven other than ourselves.


5.  What do we have to offer Jesus Christ besides the rewards?




6.  Will any believer be empty handed?




7.  What does 1 Corinthians 13:12 tell us?


Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see Him face to face.






Read:  Revelation 3:12, Revelation 21:2,  Revelation 21:16, Revelation 21:12, 18:21,  Psalm 46:4, Revelation 22:1, Revelation 22:2 and Revelation 21:23.   Watch on Youtube: "The Heavely City  by David Jeremiah, July 2, 2017, 39 minutes and 05 seconds.


1.  What are the New Jerusalem's dimensions?


12,000 stadia or 1,400 miles.


2.  What shape is New Jerusalem?


A cube - 1,400 miles in height, width and length.


3.  What are streets of New Jerusalem made of?


Transparent gold.


4.  Will there be lights in Jerusalem, why?


No.  The Lamb is the light, the glory of God.


5.  According to Cor. 2:9,  how is New Jerusalem described?


"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him".


6.  What does it means when some people are "so heavenly minded they're no earthly good?"


God has prepared an unbelievable place in which we will live for eternity, yet we rarely talk about it; and most Christians know little about it all.  We might be more earthly good if we were more heavenly minded.


7.  Is there a river in New Jerusalem?




8.  What are the Trees of Life and how many are there?


Twelve trees of life.  Each bore twelve fruits and each yielding its fruit every month.


9.  What does the Trees bare and why ?


These have to be the same as the tree of life in the Garden of Eden and we will eat them freely - which raises the issue of eating in heaven.


10.  What are the leaves of the Trees for?


Are for ":the healing of nations."




1.  The healing of nations is specifically illustrating what kind of healing?


This healing is not the healing of disease, but healing in a therapeutic sense growing in our sense of fulfillment, pleasure, and joy at being in the presence of God.


2.  How is the River of Life highlighted?


"Pure river of water of life, clear as crystal.


3.  Where does the river proceed from?


Throne of God and of the Lamb


4.  What does "living water" describe?


Jesus said would flow from the heart of those who believe in Him.


5.  Will children and individuals not mentally capable of believing the Gospel enter into New Jerusalem?




6.  Will New Jerusalem sustain all those millions of people at a level of glory and satisfaction far beyond anything ever

experienced on earth?




7.  Where is New Jerusalem located?


Third heaven


8.  How did Jesus refer to the New Jerusalem?


As the "city of My God."


9.  Where is New Jerusalem being prepared?


Third heaven


10.  How is it described how New Jerusalem is prepared?


Prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.





1.  Where is God preparing New Jerusalem?


In the third heaven.


2.  Where will New Jerusalem eventually become the capital?




3.  During the Millennium where will New Jerusalem be located?


New Jerusalem will hover over the earth.


4.  Will New Jerusalem be able to house all the people who have ever trusted in Jesus Christ?




5.  What is the dimensionals of Jerusalem?


1,500 miles wide, 1,500 miles long and 1,500 miles high.


6.  How would you describe the shape of New Jerusalem?




7.  How many square miles is on the first "floor" alone?


2 million square miles.


8.  What are the gates of New Jerusalem made of?




9.  How many gates are there in New Jerusalem?




10.  Who guards each gate?


Twelve angels.  One at each gate.





1.  What are the foundations made of?


Precious stones


2.  What are the streets made of?




3.  What are the wall's structure made of?


Adorned with all kinds of precious stones


4.  What are the precious stones of the foundations  made of?


jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sardius chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth and amethyst


5.  How many pearls make up each gate?




6.  What was like transparent glass?


Streets of transparent gold


7.  What radiates from the throne of God?


A magnificent light 


8.  Who will walk the streets of New Jerusalem?




9.  Who will greet the believers upon their arrival to New Jerusalem?


Jesus Christ


10.  What will guarantee your arrival to New Jerusalem?


Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ





1.  Is there a river in the heavenly city?




2.  What proceeds from the throne of God and of the Lamb?


A pure river of water of life, clear as crystal.


3.  What does the scripture say about the number of trees?


There are twelve trees of life on each side of the river.


4.  What does each tree do each month.


Each tree yielding its fruit every month.


5.  What are the leaves of each tree made for?


Healing of the nations.


6.  What is the word for healing in Greek language?




7.  What is the word we used that is derivative from the Greek word?


The same word we get our term therapeutic.


8.  What will eating from the tree enhance?


Our holiness.


9.  Will we be perfectly holy?




10.  How will we feel being in the presence of God?


Giving us a greater sense of fulfillment, pleasure, and joy at being in the presence of God.





1.  What is Heaven's light source?


The Lamb is the light.


2.  Does New Jerusalem need light of the sun or of the moon to shine it?




3.  Light emanates from what throne?


From the throne of God.


4.  Who is seated at the throne?


Lord Jesus


5.  The brilliance of the light is from whom, where His glorificiation will fill the city?


Lord Jesus


6.  Will there be light posts, laterns in New Jerusalem?




7.  Does New Jerusalem orbit around a  planet similar to the sun?




8.  Will there be night or darkness in New Jerusalem?









READ REVELATION 4:1 - 11, REVELATION 21:1 - 11, GENESIS 3:16 - 19, REVELATION 21:22, COLOSSIANS3:12 - 14


1.  Chapter 4 reveals the terrible events of what period?


The Tribulation


2.  John allows readers a glimpse through the door of heaven.  What do they see?




3.  What will be absent in heaven?




4.  What will also be absent from heaven?




5.  John is saying nothing to harm of God's people to fear is a reference to what?


The Sea


6.  What is the eternal ruling place of Christ?


New Jerusalem


7.  The temporary ruling place during the Millennium is called what?


Old Jerusalem


8.  Judgment by the glorified Christ and Creator is symbolized by lightning, thunderings and what else?




9.  New Jerusalem originates from where?


Heaven and God


10. All of heaven's inhabitants are known as Christ's what?








1.  What does a loud voice from heaven indicate?


Important words to follow


2.  This environment is not spoken by whom?




3.  The disappearance of death, sorrow, crying and pain represent a total reversal of the curses found in what book?


Genesis 3


4.  Sorrow, pain, relational discord, seat and death was due to violation of God's law and resulted in what?


Curse of humanity


5.  The entire city will be where God and the Lamb dwell and it is known as what?


Holy Tempjle


6.  The inhabitants of New Jerusalem will serve God and are known as what?




7.  Who represents the church age saints while seated around the throne?


24 Elders


8.  The sea of glass is a common description of the area that surrounds what?


God's throne


9.  The four living creatures around the throne are what?




10.  The four living creatures execute judgment and lead in what?







1.  The four living creatures are involved in one of the great scene in Heaven.  What is it?


Singing to the One on the throne.


2.  When John was griven a glimpse of Heaven he saw and what did he hear?


Heavenly choir


3.  Where was John exiled to?




4.  In Heaven, we will be able to know whom in a way we cannot possibly comprehend?




5.  In heaven, there will be no what?


Churches, prayers and sorrow.


6.  Will there be churches in heaven?




7.  Will there by prayer in heaven?




8.  Who were the disciples at the Mount of Tranfiguration?


Peter, James and John.


9.  What are the portals of access extablished by God?


An ancient door or gates was open to heaven.


10.  What key word in the Book of Revelation is mentioned 46 times?







1.  "Throne" in Revelation speaks of what?


Speaks of sovereignty, authority, rule, and control.


2.  Who is in heaven working out all things?




3.  Can man see God and live?




4.  Who saw the appearance of God and tried to put it into words?




5.  Describing God is like describing what?


Like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance like an emerald.  What John saw was a brilliant, multifaceted stone that sparkled in the light..  Somehow, what John saw was best described in terms of brilliance, worth, beauty and light.


6.  What is the size of John's cave at Patmos?


21 ft. long and 16 ft. wide


7.  How many additional thrones where around the central throne of God?


24 additional thrones around the central throne of God on which were seated 24 elders representative of the Church of the living God.


8.  How many living creatures around the throne who continually praised God?




9.  What did the elders do when the creatures praised God?


The 24 elders fell from their thrones and cast their crowns before the throne of God and worshiped Him.


10.  How does the word "Cresendo" describe the Book of Revelation?  


Means to start small and end big, usually applied to pieces of music.





1.  What does doxology mean?


A hymn or praise to God.


2.  What does Greater Doxology mean?


Glory to God in the highest.


3.  What does Lesser Doxology mean?


Glory to the Father.


4.  What happens to the Doxology beginning with Revelation 1:6, continuing with Revelation 5:13 and when you get to Revelation 7:12?


In the worship songs in Revelation there is an obvious crescendo that grows throughout the book.  In Revelation 1:6 there is a four fold doxology.  In 5:13 there is a four fold doxology and in 7:12, there is a seven fold doxology.  


5.  What happens to worship as you move through the Book of Revelation?


The worship grows as you move through the book - a crescendo of worship to the Lord.


6.  The farther along God's timeline of history we go, what happens to praise and worship for Him?


The greater becomes the praise and worship for Him.


7.  What is happening to praise and worship music today?


Increase in praise and worship music.


8.  What are churches doing with praise and worship music today?


Churches are incorporating more of it into their services.


9.  This crescendo of praise and worship we are experiencing today means what?


We are experiencing is in accord with His timeline because we are getting ever closer to the "grand finale".


10.  What is the "grand finale" of His purpose on earth?


Grand finale of His purpose on earth, ultimately culminating with the praise of God in heaven.






1.  What was John's reaction when he saw heaven?


He was changed.


2.  What kind of view did John have of heaven?


He was given a view of the grandeur of heaven and the majesty of heavenly worship.


3.  What does it mean when John saw  heaven and earth was under the authority of God?


He was able to look at his exile in Patmos in a new light.


4.  What are our lives primarily focused on?


Focused continually on the present - the things of this world.


5.  What is John reminded when his temporal world and circumstances were ushered into the presence of God?


There is something bigger and more important that the day - to - day.


6.  What does temporal world refer to?


Relating to time as opposed to eternity, of relating to earthly life.


7.  What does Ephesians 3:20 make reference to?


John remembered that God is able to above and beyond what we can ask and think or expect.


8.  Luke 1:37 makes a statement that we should always remember?


Nothing is impossible for God.


9.  How can we see the character of God?


Through His Word and our songs of praise that proclaim His worthiness.


10.  How did God provide assurances to John?


By saying "John, I want you to know that things are not as they appear to be.  I'm going to show you how things really are.  I'm going to walk you into the throne room of heaven and show you genuine reality.






1.  Worship is not about us, but about whom?


It's abouty Him.


2.  It's amazing how many people in churches never get their attention on God because of what?


They don't like the hymns, the music, the style of worship, the personality of the worship leader, the color of choir robes or humn books, and a hundred other things.


3.  What should worship do for believers?


Attend with a conscious intent to praise and worship God for who He is and what He has done.


4.  The only way we can live our life on earth with the values and priorities of heaven is to do what?


Continually focus on heaven.


5.  If all we see with our spiritual eyes are the carnal and worldly affairs of this life, what happens?


We will struggle.


6.  What does carnal mean?


Not spiritual; merely human; man of secular leanings.


7  What happens when we are continually reminded of God's character?


His purpose and plans, and His love for us, then we walk through this world with a different gait.


8.  What does 2 Corinthians 4:16 - 18 refer to?


The we are to look not "at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen.


9.  For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are what?




10.  Worship is the corridor through which we exchange what for the reality of heaven?


Affliction, suffering, limitations - for the reality of heaven.




1.  We live in a day when people don't believe they need to worship where?


When people don't believe they need to worship in church.


2.  In the book of Revelation, what kind of worship exist in heaven?


Corporate worship.


3.  Christianity is not what kind of experience?


An individual experience.


4.  What are we baptized into?


Into the Body of Christ.


5.  What is corporate worship?


United worship.


6.  Paul encouraged the Corinthians (and us) to leverage everything going on in their lives against what?


The promise of the future3.


7.  What kind of man is perishing?


Outward man.


8.  What kind of man is renewed?


Inward man.


9.  The affliction today is known as what?


Is light.


10.  The weight of future glory is what?


Is heavy.




READ:  REVELATION 4:1, 4:4, 4:6, 4:8 - 11, 21:3, 21:22, 22:4, AND COLOSSIANS 3:13.


1.  Has anyone ever been given a glimpse of heaven?


John was given a vision of heaven.


2.  In Revelation 4:1, what did John see?


He saw a door open and found himself peering through a portal into heaven itself.


3.  What did God allow John to see?


To see a glimpse of the beauty, brilliance, and worship in heaven.


4.  What did John experience?


A new perspective on his life here on earth.


5.  Where was John exiled?




6.  What kind of view of our eternal home was provided?


A home that is just as real as our temporary dwelling but is inexplicably glorious and will last for all eternity.


7.  How will we spend eternity in Heaven?


In praise and worship.


8.  Will there be prayer in heaven?




9.  Will there be churches in heaven?




10.  We will be dwelling in the presence of whom?  


In the presence of Almighty God.




1.  What did John hear from heaven?


A loud voice.


2.  The tabernacle of God is with whom?




3.  Who will be with men and what role will be played?


God Himself will be with them and be their God.


4.  What did John revealed that was absent from heaven?


No temple.


5.  Who represents the temple?


Lord God Almighty and the Lamb.


6.  What will be on the foreheads of the believers in heaven?


God's name.


7.  What role will the church buildings and sanctuaries have in heaven?




8.  How will we know our Lord?


We will knows our Lord even as we are known.


9.  What will make heaven a reality to us?


We will have a complete grasp of the things of God.


10.  What will make heaven, heaven to us?


Heaven is heaven because God the Father is there and Jesus Christ is there.




1.  What was John allowed to see?


Heavenly worship


2.  What chapter in Revelation, John wrote about the magnificence of worship?


Revelation 4


3. How many thrones were around God's throne?




4.  How many elders were they?




5.  How were the elders clothed?


White robes


6.  What did the elders have on their heads?


Crowns of gold


7.  What laid before the throne?


Sea of glass, like crystal


8.  In the midst of the throne, and around the throne were what?


Four living creatures.


9.  What were full eyes in front and in back?


The four living creatures.


10.  Who did not rest day or night, saying"Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!" 


The four living creatures.



1.  What happens when the four living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to Him who sits on the throne?


They do not rest day or night, saying "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!


2.  What happens when the 24 elders fall down before HIm?


Worship Him who lives forever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne saying: "You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created."


3.  Who is worship about?


It's about God.


4.  One of the main purpose of worship is what?


Get our minds off the things of this earth and onto the things on the earth.


5.  What does Colossians 3 say about worship?


That we are to set our mind "on things above, not on things on the earth,"for we've died and our life is hidden with Christ in God.


6.  Worship is the corridor through which we do what?


It is the very core of our existence.


7.  Worship is the avenue that leads us from what of this world to what?


The emptiness of this world to the fullness of the next world.


8.  Worship is the street that leads us from what to what?


That leads from decay and discouragement to renewal and glory.


9.  What happens when we fail to worship?


We confine ourselves to the despair of this life.


10.  What is the very core of our existence?





Read and study Revelation 20, 22:12,  Micah 4:3, Ezekiel 34:26 - 27, Isaiah 9:7, 11:9, 14:7, 65:20, Matthew 6:8 - 13, 16:27, 25:34, Psalm 72:11,  Luke 1:32 - 33.


1.  Millenniuim orginate from what language?




2.  What does millennium mean?


Two root words: mille, which means "a thousand," and annum which means years.   It means a thousand years.


3.  What chapter in Revelation does the actual phrase appear six different times?


Revelation 20


4.  Who is the dragon?


The Devil and Satan


5.  How long was Satan bound ?


A thousand years.


6.  Satan will not deceive nations for how long?


A thousand years.


7.  Who reigned with Christ for a thousand years?


The nations.


8.  When was the rest of the dead raised?


At the end of the thousand years.


9.  Who shall be priests of God and of Christ, and reign with Him a thousand years?




10.  What happens when the thousand years expire? 


Satan will be released from prison.




1.  What is Postmillenialism ?


The Second Coming will follow the Millenium.


2.  What happen to people during the Postmillenialism ?


As more and more people are converted, the world will gradually be conquered for Christ.


3.  According to Postmillenialism, when will God's justice prevail across the earth?


At that time, God's justice will prevail across the earth, and Jesus will return to take up the throne that was won for Him by His Church.


4.  What does Amillennialism mean?


There is no literal Millennium.


5.  What does Amillennialism describe as happening right now?


The events that are in Revelation 20 are happening right now.


6.  Who is reigning with Christ right according to Amillennialism?


The Church.


7.  How do you descibe Premillenialism ?


Is based on a literal interpetation of Scripture and teaches that the Second Coming will precede the Millennium.


8.  What is Premillenialism based on ?


Literal interpretation of the Scripture.


9.  What does Premillenialism teach about the Second Coming?


The Second Coming will precede the Millennium.


10.  What does Premillenialism say about the Millennium occuring after two events. 
What are names of the events?


The Rapture and after the seven years of Tribulation.


11.  Who will literally reign on the earth for a thousand years?


Jesus Christ





1.  What is the timeline for the Premillennialism?


The Second Coming will precede the Millennium.


2.  What will be absent during the time of the Millennium?


No war.


3.  What will be prominent during the Millennium?


Unknown joy, purity, peace, and prosperityi.


4.  What will be kept in check during the Millennium?




5.  What will be dealt with with efficiently during the Millennium?




6.  What will Christ's kingdom be?


A holy kingdom.


7.  Who will spend the thousand years period ruling and reigning over the earth with Jesus as our King.




8.  What will happen to animals during the Millennium?


The will be beast of peace.


9.  What will happen to Nature during the Millennium?


It will be restored to paradise.


10.  What will happen to the earth during this time?


The whole earth is at rest and quiet.




1.  What will break forth on earth during the Millennium?


The whole earth is at rest and quiet; they break forth into singing.


2.  In Isaiah 65, how is the life of an infant described?


No more shall an infant there live but a few days.  For the child shall die one hundred years old.


3.  In Isaiah 65, what does it say about an old man?


Nor an old man who has not fulfilled his days.


4.  In Isaiah 65, what is reflected about a one hundred year old sinner?


But the sinner being one hundred years old shall be accursed.


5.  What does Isaiah say about the pictorial description of heaven and earth?


A pictorial description of the new heaven and the new earth.  They are eternal, and in them safety, peace, and plenty will be available to all.


6.  How many times is the word "Behold" found in the Book of Revelation?


30 times


7.  What does Psalm 72 say about kings and nations?


All kings shall fall down before HIm: all nations shall serve HIm.


8.  What does Isaiah 9 say about what Jesus would bring during the Millennium?


Jesus would bring God's rule of peace and righteous government to earth.


9.  Isaiah also described a King who comes as a Suffering Servant.  What is He coming to do?


To redeem Israel.


10. What does shalom mean in the coming in His Millennium kingdom? 


"To be whole or complete".




1.  In Luke Chapter 1, The name Jesus correspond to what Old Testament name?


Joshua which means "Yahweh Saves".


2.  What name means "Yahweh Saves?"




3.  According to Jewish historians Jewish women in Mary's day did what?


Every Jewish woman prayed secretly that she might be chosen to become the mother of the Messiah.


4.  In Matthew Chapter 6, the OT used what word  to describe God fewer than 14 times?




5.  What word was used 17 times in the Sermon on the Mount?




6.  What word did Jesus used to describe God throughout the Gospels?




7.  What prayer provides an outline that encourages a more focused prayer life?


Lord's Prayer


8.  Those who pray according to this model prayer pray the priorities to whom?


Their Heavenly Father.


9.  In Revelation 20,  Satan's release at the end of the thousand years will show trwo things.  What are they?


He has not changed and that the heart of humankind is desperately wicked.


10.  What are the two names given to the army and its leader?


Gog and Magog





1.  What destroys Satan's armies?


Fire from heaven.


2.  What will Satan be casted into?


Lake of fire.


3.  What is the unholy Trinity?


Satan, Antichrist and the False prophet


4.  What does Matt. 16:27; Matt. 25:34 and Revelation 22:12 say about one of the reason that a literal Millennium must occur?


Guaranteeing God's people they will receive rewards for faithful service.


5.  Each of us will have opportunities to serve the Lord based on what?


Based upon our faithfulness in serving Him right now.


6.  What does Psalm 72:11; Isaiah 9:7; Luke 1:32 - 33 say about the Millennium?


To respond to the Prophet's predictions..  Without the Millennium, none of those prophecies could be fulfilled.


7.  What does Matt. 6:8 - 13 say about the Disciples' prayer?


One day, when Jesus returns, His kingdom will come and His will shall bed dione on the earth.


8.  What will happen to the faithful servants who survive the Tribulation?


They will bear children.


9.  When will the fallen human nature of man be eliminated?


When eternity begins at the end of the millennial kingdom.


10.  What will happen at the end of the 1000 years?


Satan will be released, and he will stir up a final rebellion against God just as he did in the Garden of Eden.





1.  Will there be deception during the time while Christ is ruling during the millennium?




2.  Can man achieve righteousness apart from God?




3.  When will Satan be loosed for a short season?


At the end of the thousand years.


4.  Where will Satan reside for eternity?


The Lake of Fire


5.  When will the Great White Throne judgment take place?


At the close of the Millennium.


6.  Will believers be present during the Great White Throne judgment?




7.  What is the purpose of the Great White Throne judgment?


All who have rejected Christ throughout history will be judged.


8.  How will those who have rejected by Christ be judged?


By their works.


9.  What role does the Book of Life during the Great White Throne Judgment?


To reflect that the names of the nonbelievers are not in the Book of Life.


10.  Where does the judged individuals during the Great White Throne Judgment spend eternity?


Lake of Fire.




1.  What does the root word "mille" mean?




2.  What does the root word "annum" mean?




3.  The only book in the Bible that mention Millennium.




4.  Revelation chapter 20 mentions what special event?




5.  Name three titles that refers to Satan.


Dragon, Serpent of old and King of fallen angels


6.  Is Satan known as the King of fallen angels?




7.  How long will Satan not deceive nations?


1000 years


8.  Who lives with Christ during the Millennium? 




9.  When does the unsaved dead live again?


After the Millennium


10.  When will Satan be released from his prison?


 During the Millennium





1.  What is the view that the Second Coming will follow the Millennium?


Post millennium


2.  What view supports that there is no literal Millennium?




3.  What view supports that the Second Coming will precede the Millennium?




4.  During the Millenium there will be no what?




5.  During the Millennium what will be kept in check and dealt with efficiently?


Sin and disobedience


6.  What kind of kingdom will Christ kingdom be?


Holy Kingdom


7.  Who will be reigning and ruling over the earth with Jesus as King?


The Saved


8.  For the Millennium to occur, must the fallen angel be given an opportunity to be redeemed?




9.  One day, when Jesus returns, His kingdom will come and His will shall be done on this earth.  This is the answer to what?


To receive an answer to the Disciples' prayer (The Lord's Prayer) and the Old Testament prophets' prayers.


10.  What will happen in the Millennium to reflect man's depravity and the necessity of Christ's death?


Faithful servants will survive tribulation;  survivors will bear children; sin nature will reside in children; and fallen human nature of man will not be eliminated until eternity begins at the end of the Millennium.





1.  At the end of the Millennium, who will be loosened?




2.  Satan will organize a rebellion at the end of the Millennium.  What is it called?


Gog and Magog


3.  Where will Satan be cast into at the end of the Millennium?


Lake of Fire


4.  What will take place at the end of the Millennium?




5.  Who will be judged at the Great White Throne?


All of those who have rejected Christ throughout history.







Read the following scriptures:  3 Peter 3:10, John  14:2 - 3, Revelation 21:4, Revelation 21:1 - 2, Genesis 3:17 - 19;  Revelation 22:3, Hebrew 1:12, Psalm 102:25 - 27, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Roman 8:22 - 23, Hebrew 11:14 - 16, Isaiah 66:22, Isaiah 65:17, and Genesis 1:1 - 2.


1.  What has man throughout History tried to do with earth?


Establish some kind of heaven on earth.


2.  What does God place in the heart of every person?


They long for something perfect based on the eternity that God has put in every human heart.


3.  Has the Lord's prayer been fulfilled?




4.  What was the perfect place here on earth?


Garden of Eden


5.  What did Isaiah 66:22 and 65:17 reflect about heaven?


Old Testament prophets saw a new heaven and new earth coming that would last forever.


6.  What dwells in the new heaven and new earth?


Righteousness dwells.


7.  The writer quotes Psalm 102, what does he talk about?


Talks about the heavens and the earth perishing and growing old.


8.  What does the writer say in Hebrew 1:12 about heaven and the earth?


Like a cloak, You will fold them up, and they will be changed.


9.  What does it mean "like a cloak, You will fold them up, and they will change?


Like a coat, fold it up and put it away and make everything new.


10.  What did John on Patmos say about the first heaven and first earth?


The first heaven and first earth pass away.





1.  Is it biblical that the new heaven and new earth will be better than our current ones?




2.  When will the new heaven and new earth appear?


When the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Battle of Armageddon, the Millennium and the Great White Throne Judgment have all taken place.


3.  What will be the last event before the new heaven and new earth appear?


Great White Throne Judgment


4.  In 2 Peter 3, how will the heavens pass away?


With a great noise, and the element will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.


5.  How is the phrase "burned up" described?


It convey the idea of being uncovered, or laid open for exposure.  Peter is talking about refreshing the earth.


6.  At the end of the Millennium God is preparing for what?


Eternal state.


7.  What will God going to do to the earth?


He is going to do a refreshing of the earth.


8.  What will God destroy all evidence of?


Decay, disobedience, and disease.


9.  Will God annihilate the world in which you and I currently live in?


He is not going to annihilate the world.


10.  What will God do with the old corruption?


He is going to purify it from all of the old corruption.




1.  What are the very things which make this life difficult?


Sorrow, pain and death.


2.  What kind of home is Christ preparing for His people?


A permanent eternal home.


3.  What will God wipe from the eyes of His people?





4.  There will be no more what?


Death, nor sorrow, nor crying.


5.  What does Revelation 21:4 reveal?


There shall be no more pain, for the formers things have passed away


6.  How much of the earth is covered by salt water?


Three fourth


7.  What does apostle John tell us that in the new earth, there will be no more what?


"No more sea"


8.  Will the ecology of the new heaven and earth be different than that of the earth we live on today?




9  Will their be any need for salt water?




10.  Will there be fresh water in the new heaven?


Yes-the river of life, flowing from the throne of God in New Jerusalem, which will rest upon the ground during the eternal state.





1.  Because of Adam's sin, what happened to creation?


A curse was placed upon it.


2.  What will be absent in the new earth?




3.  Will sin be gone once and for all?




4.  In Revelation 22:3, why there be no more curse?


Because the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it.


5.  In 2 Peter 3: 1 - 4, what is the Peter's purpose in writing to the believers in his letters?


Importance of God's Word


6.  As Peter writes in his final chapter, what does he stress?


He stresses the reliability and importance of God's Word for life and goodness.


7.  What is the best filter from removing false teaching?


Comparing it with the inspired words of the prophet and the apostle.


8.  What is Peter's first warning for false teachers?


Know God's Word and believe without any doiubt.


9.  Many believers in the first century expected what event to take place?


Return of Jesus Christ.


10.  What claim will end-time scoffers make?


Make light of the promise of His coming and what key events in history do they fail to remember.




1.  What did Peter do to refute skepticism about Christ's return?


Peter reminds readers that God has faithfully kept every promise since the first day of Creation.


2.  What did Peter do to remind readers that has happen since the first day of creation?


God has kept every promise He made.


3.  How do past events tie to what will happen in the future?


Those events are tied to what will happen in the future.


4.  The word that brought the earth into existence is now doing what?


Is now saving the world for future judgment.


5.  The reference to the Flood recalls an instance that took place.  What was it?


When mockers doubted that God would judge sin.


6.  What are the "heaven and earth" being reserved for at the present time?


To fulfill Jesus promise of His return. 


7.  Why is time never the issue when it comes to the fulfillment of God's plans?


God keeps His word on His own perfect timetable; one day the rigteous will be saved and the ungodly will be destroyed.  Christians should remain constant until that day.


8.  What is our nature when our expectations are not fulfilled?


To become impatient.


9.  What will happen to the earth we now live on?


The day of the Lord will come.


10.  What will happen when the day of the Lord comes?


 There will then be no more chance of repentance.




1.  What are Christ followers looking for as a "replacement" for the current heavens and earth?


The promise of new heaven and a new earth implies something far different form this world .


2.  The promise of new heaven and a new earth implies what?


Something better than the Garden of Eden.


3.  What will Christ's return be accompanied by?  




4.  What will be the distinguishing characteristic of the new heaven and new earth?


Places of perfection


5.  What is God's final purpose?


Establishing a new earth where righteousness dwells.  A perfected place for all who put their trust in Christ.


6.  What should characterize your life as you wait for God's refubishing of the earth?


Continue to look for Christ's return.


7.  In light of Christ's return,  what should God's people do?


God's people must continue looking forward-preparing themselves and others to meet Him face-to-face.


8.  What should we prepare ourselves for?


Living a Christian life and looiking for King Jesus.


9.  What part of the new heaven and new earth do you most anticipate enjoying?


Being in the presence of almighty God.


10.  Who will you have immense desire to see?





1.  History has taught us that man is always striving to achieve what?


Heaven on earth


2.  What has God put into every human heart?


Something perfect


3.  What prayer did Jesus teach His disciples?


The Lord's Prayer


4.  What will not take place prior to the New Heaven and New Earth?


New Jerusalem on earth


5.  How will the earth be cleanse?




6.  What does the phrase "burned up" mean?




7.  What is God preparing for at the end of the Millennium?


Eternal state, refreshing of the earth and new growth.


8.  What evidence will God destroy ?




9.  What serves as a reminder that we are not home yet?


Sorrow, pain and death


10.  What will not exist on the new earth?








1.  There will be fresh water in the new heaven. What will it be called?


River of Life


2.  Where will the water be flowing from?


Throne of God


3.  On the new earth there will be no more what?


Curse, sin, hate


4.  Those who act redemptively even in difficult times will discover what?


God's plan is good.


5.  Where will God's kingdom be?


On earth


6.  Where will be  believers final destiny be?




7.  God's final purpose is not destruction but establishing what?


Heaven on earth


8.  To ancient readers what appeared raging, threatening and fearful place that the Lord often had to calm?




9.  Christ's return will be accompanied by what?




10.  When John says there will no more sea in the New Heaven and earth, he is saying what?


No more fear, no chaos or evil and no death




1.  Why is a fledgling country (Israel) with a population of slightly more than seven million and total land space hardly larger than New Jersey mentioned in the nightly news more than any other nation except the United States and why is Israel important in prophecy?  (Genesis)


Israel is important because the fulfillment of God's covenant with its founder Abraham greatly affects every one of us.  The playing out of prophetic events concerning Israel places us in the last days of history's timeline.  The miraculous survival of God's covenant people, the Jews, demonstrates God's providence and His ability to accomplish His purpose in the face what seems to human minds impossible odds.  The existence of Israel today is exhibit A in the lineup of convincing evidences that the Bible's prophecies conerningf the future will be fulfilled.



2.  Do the boundaries of present day Israel fulfill God's promise to Israel in the Old Testament?  (Gensis 15:18)  (Ezekiel 48:1 & 28)


The land promised to Abraham covers much more area than what the present nation of Israel occupies.  Genesis 15:18 tells us that it stretches all the way from the Mediterranean Sea on the west to the Euphrates River on the east.  Ezekiel fixes the northern boundary of Israel at Hamath, one hundred miles north ofr Damacus and the southern boundary at Kadesh, about one hundred miles south of Jerusalem.


3.  Will the Jews ever realize the fulfillment of God's covenant to possess Israel as an everlasting possession?  (Isaiah 11:11), (Ezekiel 36:24).


4.  Is Israel's presence in her land today the final fulfillment of God's promise to regather His people?  (Ezekiel 36:24 - 28)




5.  What events regarding Israel's total possession of the land remain unfulfilled?  (Jeremiah 32:37 - 38), (Ezekiel 39:28)


 Israel has been attacked over and over since its founding, sometimes in all out wars and incessantly by terrorist.  The Jewish people have survived by remaining vigilant, but they long for peace.  According to the Bible, a future leader will fulfill this longing by brokering a seven year peace deal with Israel's enemies.  But Scripture also tells us that this peace plan will be broken, and Israel will be attacked once again, this time as never before.  Countless armies will amass aginst the boxed - in nation, leaving it with no human hope of victory.  Only Christ's return, His judgment, and His reign will finally bring true peace to Israel.




1.  Will God's covenant with Abraham reach its fulfillment? 


Yes.  After the Battle of Armageddon.


2.  What does Jeremiah 32:37 - 38 say about the people of Israel?


"Behold, I will gather them out of all countries where I have driven them.... I will bring them back to this place, and I will cause them to dwell safely.  They shall be My people, and I will be their God."


3.  What will the Lord do with His people?  Ezekiel 39:28


Ezekiel makes it clear that this gathering means God will return every single living Jew back to their land.  For he writes that the Lord said He would gather them again to their own land "and ... none of them (will be) captive any longer.


4.  In 2006, where was the largest community of Jewish people in the world located?




5.  Approximately what is the population of Israel today?


Approximately 6 million.






1.  What explains why the Bible focuses its end-time attention on the Middle East?


More than any factor other than the nation of Israel oil, holds the key to the prophetic events of the future.


2.  What is the greatest lifeblood now in the Middle East?




3.  What does Luke 12:56 about weather signs?


In Luke's gospel, Jesus contrasts our ability to discern weather signs with our inability to understand the more important signs of the time: "You can discern the face of the sky and of the earth, but how is it that you do not discern this time?" (Luke 12:56).  


4.  Where does the earth's richest, deepest, and largest deposits of petroleum located?


Lies under the sands of countries just to the east of Israel in the location pinpointed in the Bible as the garden of Eden.


5.  How could Satan finance the Battle of Armageddon?


With revenues (oil) generated from the garden he spoiled at the beginning of human history.



1.  Are there substantive oil deposits in Israel?




2.  Ezekiel foretold a time when Russia would attack Israel.  Who will be involved?  (Ezekiel 38:5).


Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya


3.  Is the United States mentioned in the Bible?


No nor any country in North and South America.  The ancient prophets were primarily concerned with the Holy Land and its immediate neighbors.


4.  Is the unification of Europe foretold in Scripture?


Yes.  According to Daniel, there is to be yet another division of the Roman Empire.  He fortells a time when the Roman Empire will consist of ten kingdoms or leaders (Dan. 2:41 - 43; 7:7, 24)



1.  What happen to the Roman Empire of Jesus' day?


The Roman Empire of Jesus' day did not end suddenly.  It gradually deteriorated and declined over many centuries until the western part,  the Holy Roman Empire, fell in AD 476, and the easter part, the Byzantine Empire, fell in AD 1453>


2.  When will some form of the Roman Empire emerge?


Some form of the Roman Empire must emerge in the end times, and according to Daniel, it will be in place prior to the coming of Christ to rule and reign over the earth.


3.  The unification of Europe is identified as what?


It is really the reunification of the Roman Empire.  


4.  What does the concentration of power in the European Union reveal?


Today the concentration of power in the European Union signals the beginning of a new world order.


5.  According to Daniel's prophecy, what will rise from among the ten-leader confederacy in Europe?


A supreme leader will rise from among the ten-leader confederacy in Europe: "And another shall rise after them; he shall be different from the first ones, and shall subdue three kings.  He shall speak pompous words against the Most High, shall persecute the saints of the Most High, and shall intend to changer times and law.  Then the saints shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time" (Daniel 7:24 - 25).  This leader will become the final world dictator.  We know him as the Antichrist.


6.  According to Daniel, there is to be yet another division of the Roman Empire.  What does he foretell? (Daniel 2:41; 7:7, 

Daniel 7:24 - There will be ten kings who arise from this confederacy.  Then another shall rise after them;  He is different than from the first ones (10 kings) and shall subdue three kings.




1.  This leader that subdue the three kings becomes what?


The Antichrist


2.  The new European Union is one of the conditional preludes to the coming of whom?


The Antichrist


3.  What will be implemented due to the new European power structure?


One world system will be implemented.


4.  What historic event will happen between Israel and the Antichrist ?


Ninth Chapter of Daniel   -   A treaty will be signed between God's people and the world leader who will head the realigned Roman Empire: "Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering"  (Daniel 9:27).


5.  What will happen after the covenant is implemented?


The temple will be built and Israel will make the effort to offer sacrifices.


6.  What will happen to this covenant?


It will be broken and the Antichrist will enter into the Temple.  The countdown to Armageddon will begin.



Ezekiel Chapters 38 & 39


1.  What nation is mentioned in Chapters 38 & 39?




2.  One of the most dramatic prophecies in all scripture refers to what?


Commonly referred to as the prophecy against Gog and Magog, and it is the most detailed prophecy concerning war in the entire Bible.


3.  What does this prophecy predict?


The prophecy preedicts an invasion of Israel in the last days.


4.  Troops for an invasion of Israel is made of up what nations?


An invasion that comprise of enormous masses of troops from a coalition of nations led by Iran and Russia.


5.  When will the invasion occur?


The invasion will occur shortly after Israel signs a covenant with the new leader of the European Union. 


6.  When will Israel be at peace with her Islamic neighbors?


Because of the covenant (agreement), Israel will be at peace with her Islamic neighbors.


7.  What does Israel believe the European Union will do for them?


The people of Israel will believe that the European powers will protect them from any outside aggressor or invader.....especially from Russia.



Ezekiel 38:1 - 7


1.  It was said, "Now the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 'Son of Man, set your face against whom and of the land of whom?"




2. Who is the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal ?




3.  What does Rosh, Meshech and Tubal represent?


Rosh - meaning "head" or "chief"/Russia,  Meshech - meaning "sowing" or "possession"/Asia Minor,  Tubal -"metalworking"/Cappadocia or Cilicia in Asia Minor.  Modern Countries recognized: Russia, Turkey, Iran, Lubya, Ethiopia and Sudan.


4.  What will the Lord do to Gog?


Turn him around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out, with all your army, horses, and horsemen.


5.  What other three countries are named as being with Russia and Iran?


Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya


6.  Who is Gomer?


Southern Russia


7.  What is the house of Togarmah?


Togarmah is another country aligned with Russia.  He was a son of Gomer,k son of Japheth (Genesis 10:1 - 3), known in Assyrian records as Tilgarimmu, a city state in Eastern Anatolia (Asia minor, modern Turkey) more specifically "the south-eastern part of Turkey near the Syrian border."



Genesis 10, Ezekiel 38 - 39



1.  Many of the nations named above, identified certain grandchildren and great-grandchildren of whom?




2.  The stage that is being set up in the present predict what kind of invasion?


Invasion of Israel


3.  Is Gog one of the descendants of Noah?




4.  How many times is Gog mentioned in Ezekiel 38 - 39?


Eleven times


5.  What is Gog explicitly called ?


The title of the ruler of Magog - the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal


6.  When will Israel be invaded?


Ezekiel does not give a specific date for the invasion, but he does give us ways to identify the time when it will occur:  "After many days .... in the latter years...."  (Ezekiel 38:8); "On that day when when My people of Israel dwell safel..."  (v. 14); "It will be in the latter days that I will bring you against my land" (v. 16).


7.  When will there be a time when Israel have peace?


The prophet tells us that the invasion of Israel will take place sometime in the future "latter years"..  It will happen at a time when Israel is dwelling in peace and safely and not involved in conflict with other nations.




1.  Has there been a period of peace in the life of Israel?




2.  When will be such a time?


"After many the latter years...." (Ezekiel 38:8); "On that day when My people of Israel dwell safely... (v. 14) "It will be in the latter days that I will bring you against my land"  (v. 16).


3.  Who will make a treaty with Israel to guarantee her peace and security ?


The Antichriist and European Union.


4.  What will happen when a treaty is signed ?


The people of Israel will relax the diligence they have been forced to maintain since the founding of their nation in 1948.


5.  When was the nation of Israel founded ?




6  What kind of government does Israel have ?


Democratic republic


7.  What kind and how many nations surround Israel ? 


22 hostile Arab/Islamic dictatorship that are 640 times her size and 60 times her population.




Ezekiel 38:4,11,12 ,13, 16 and 39:2


 1.  What is the first goal for the future invasion of Israel?


To seize her land.


2.  What is the second goal for the future invasion of Israel?


To steal Israel's wealth.


3.  What is the third and final goal for the future invasion of Israel?


The wholesale slaughter of Israel's people.


4.  Who is the highest-ranking Middle Eastern country according to the "Prosperity index"?




5.  "You will come up against My people Israel like a cloud, to cover the land."  What does this mean?


"I will go to a peaceful people, who dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor stretch out your hand.....against a people gathered from the nations.....You will come up against My people Israel like a cloud, to dover the land."


6.  What will God do to Israel's enemies in no uncertain terms?


"I will turn you around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out, with all your army, horses and horsemen".


7.  What will happen in the latter days when God will bring the enemies against His land?


"I will turn you around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out, with all your army, horses, and horsemen."  "I will turn you around and lead you up from the far north, and bring you against the mountains of Israel".




1.  What is the Old Testament design, specifically intended to show?


Intended to show that God is th3e sovereign ruler over all.


2. What does it mean when Ezekiel says that God will bring the enemy against His land?


He is simply saying that God will bring these nations to the doom which their wickedness inevitably demands.


3.  What does it mean when it is stated  "everyone accomplishes God's will in the end?"


Those who conform to His will accomplish it willingly.


4.  What is God's purpose in the cataclysmic battle of the last days?


God intends for people to recognize Him as the Lord God of heaven whose name is holy, whose glory fills the universe, and whom men must recognize as sovereign if they are to find the peace and joy He desires for His people.


5.  What will God's destruction of the Axis of Evil in the last days?


Will accomplish th4e salvation of His people, the nation of Israel


6.  Who are the Axis of Evil?



Modern nations who are unwittingly bent on fulfilling this devastating prophecy, we can clearly see how present events will lead to the ultimate accomplishment of God's purposes.


7.  What does the name Islam mean?








1.  A Muslim is "one who submits to God".




2.  There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world today.




3.  Mohammad was the founder of Islam.




4.  The founder of Islam was born in Mecca.




5.  Muslim regard the Qu'ran as the divine word of God.




6.  In the seventh century Arabian world of Mohammad the people worshiped over 360 different gods.




7.  The moon god was called by various names, one of which was Allah, and it was the favorite god of Mohammad's family.




8.  As Mohammad began to promote his new religion, it was only natural that he would choose to elevate the moon god Allah and declare him to be the one true God.


9.  Mohammad devotion to Allah was single-minded and fierce, and in establishing and spreading his religion of Islam, he slaughtered thousands of people who resisted conversion.




10.  As his instructions to his followers show, there was no subtlery in his evangelistic technique:  "Who relinquishes his faith, kill him...I have been ordered by Allah to fight with people till they testify there is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is his messenger.  







1.  Opposition in Mecca forced Mohammad and his followers to flee to Medina in AD 620.




2.  A division of the Islamic community became bitterly divided when Mohammad died.




3.  There are 2 Islamic sects, now known as the Shi'ites and the Sunnis.




4.  Conflicts between these sects is one of the major stress points in Iraq and throughout the Islamic world.




5.  The Sunni now comprise about 90 percent of the Islamic world.




6.  At the death of Mohammad, the grouup we know as the Sunni followed the leadership of Abu Bakr, one of Mohammad's fathers-in-law.




7.  The Shi'ites on the other hand, identified with Muhammad's son-in-law Ali, whom they saw as possessing a spiritual endowment directly from the prophet.




8.  The Shi'ites believe that their leaders, the imams have authority on par with the Qu'ran. 




9.  It is the Sh'ites that believe that the 12th imam went into concealment hundreds of years ago and continues to live there until he returns as the Mahdi .... the Muslim Messiah.




10.  Abu Bakr succeeded Mohammad, and he and his successors launched jihads, or holy wars, that spread the religion of Islam from noether Spain to India and threatened Christian Europe.







1.  Christians resisted the Islamic threat, and a series of wars followed and drove the invaders back into the Middle Eastern countries, where they still dominate.




2.  Islamic zeal to dominate the world has not diminished.




3.  The most frightening word associated with Islam is jihad.




4.  Sometimes called the "sixth pillar" of Islam, jihad actually means "victory".




5.  The greater jihad is the inner struggle of each Muslim to submit to Mohammad.


FALSE              SUBMIT TO "ALLAH"


6.  The lesser jihad is the outward struggle to defend the Islamic community.




7.  Militant Muslims take jihad to mean more than just passive defense of Islam; to them it authorizes the expansion of the Islamic religion even by means of deadly aggression.




8.  The overt hatred for the West expressed in jihad has already spawned many deadly attacks.




9.  Former Prime Minister of Pakistant Benazir Bhutto wrote that one of the primary aims of the militants is to provoike a clash of civilizations between the West and Islam.





10.  The great hope of the militants is a collision, an explosion between the values of the West and what the extremists claim to be the values of Islam.








1.  The attacks on September 11, 2001, hearded the dream of bloody confrontation.




2.  The Islamic word "fitna" means disorder through schism or division.




3.  The ultimate Islamic goal is peace.




4.  The hatred that Muslims have for the Jews needs no documentation.




5.  The militants and radicals refer to Israel as "little Satan".




6.  The militants and radicals refer to the United States as "the peace maker."




7.  The militant and radical Muslims are determined to wipe both countries off the map.




8.  We can easily see and resist the effects of jihad in militant terrorism.




9.  We do not have trouble seeing and resisting the more subtle strategy that the Muslim call "fatah".




10.  Fatah means infiltration, moving into a country in numbers large enough to affect the culture.










1.  Fatah means taking advantage of tolerant laws and accommodative policies to insert the influence of Islam.




2.  In places where a military invasion will not suceed, the slow, systematic, and unrelenting methods of fatah are conquering whole nations.




3.  Some experts are projecting that by the year 2040, 80 percent of the population of France will be Muslim.




4.  By 2040, in France,  Muslim majority will control commerce, industry, education and religion.




5.  By 2040, in France,  Muslim majority will control the government, occupy all the key positions in the French Parliament and will be President.




6.  Other terms used to describe the Islamic goal of world domination are biological jihad or demographic jihad.




7.  Biological and demographic jihad is a nonviolent strategy of Muslims moving into Europe and the West and having more babies than their hosts.




8.  Within 10 years, Muslims hope to repopulate traditionally Christian cultures with their own people.


False                    Within several generations they hope to repopulate tranditionally Christian cultures with their own people.


9.  According to a Vatican report issued recently, the Roman Catholic Church understands this: "For the first time in history, we are no longer at the top:  Muslims have overtaken us."




10.  There are large communities of Muslims in Michigan and Minnesota .







WHAT IS THE RAPTURE?      John 14:1 - 3, Revelation 1:7, Zechariah 14:1, 3 - 5, Revelation 19:1 - 21


1.  What does the word rapture mean?


An expression or manifestation of ecstasy or passion and being  carried away by overwhelming emotion.


2.  The Bible tells us that Rapture means what?


It means that millions of people will disappear from the face of the earth in less than a millisecond.


3.  Before the end times what will happen?


All Christians will be caught up before the end times.


4.  What will happen before the period of the Tribulation breaks out?


All true followers of the Lord will be caught from the earth and right into the presence of the Lord.


5.  What does the Rapture fulfill?


The Rapture will fulfill  the promise He made to His disciiples in John 14:1 - 3:  Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.  In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.


6.  What kind of an event will the Rapture be ?


It will be a "stealth event" in which Christ will be witnessed by believers only.


7.  What kind of an event will the second coming be ?


It will be a public event.  Everyone will see Him.


8.  What will all the tribes of the earth will do because of Him?


All the tribes of the earth will mourn  because of Him (Rev. 1:7; Zechariah 14:1, 3 - 5, Revelation 19:1 - 21).


9.  Who will be raptured?


All believers are raptured.  


10.  What will happen to those who are raptured?


 Jesus will immediately take them back into heaven with Him.




1.  What happens after the Rapture?


The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


2.  How long does the Tribulation last?


Seven Years


3.  When will Christ return to earth?


At the end of the Tribulation period.


4.  What is the event called when Christ returns?


The Millennium.


5.  Christ return is usually referred to as what?


Second Advent


6.  After the end of the Tribulation period, what is the name of the period where Christ will reign on earth?




7.  How long will this period, mentioned above last?


1,000 years


8.  When will the Christians return to earth and reign with Christ?


Christians will return with Him at His Second Advent.


9.  How many years will the Rapture occur before the Second Advent?




10.  Are there any events that will occur before the Rapture?


There are no events that must take place before the Rapture occurs.




1.   As bad as things are becoming, we can hardly overstate the horror that will occur when society loses the tempering influence of whom?




2.  During the Rapture, who will Christ bring with Him?


The Saints


3.  What will happen to those who are alive on earth when the Rapture occurs?


Those who are alive and remain shall be caught up.


4.  How will the Lord Himself descend from heaven?


With a shout, the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God.


5.  Who will rise first when Christ descends?


The dead in Christ will rise first.


6.  What does the passage Paul addresses in 1 Thessalonians 4:13).


Paul wrote: "But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethen, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope."


7.  Paul used the Greek word "koimaw".  What does it mean?


"To sleep in death"


8.  The concept of death is emphasized in the wonderful word early Christians adopted for the burying places of their loved ones.  What Greek word was used?


The Greek word koimeterion which means "a rest house for strangers, a sleeping place."


9.  In Paul's day, what was the word "cemetery used for?


Used for inns or what we would call a hotel or motel.


10.  Christian concept of death is not as a tragic finality, but as what?


It's as if they are slumbering peacefully in a place of rest, ready to be awakened at the return of the Lord.



(1 Thessalonians 4, 1 Corinthians 15)


1.  What does Paul tell the Thessalonians (and us) about God's plan for our future.


It gives us such a new perspective on death that when someone dies, we are not overcome with sorrow and despair, for on that day when those who are alive in Christ are raptured, those who died in Christ will be raised to be with Him.


2.  Where is the Lord Jesus Christ seated in the heavens?


At the right hand of the Almighty Father.


3.  When Jesus physically rise from the throne and stepping into the corridors of light and actually descending into the atmosphere, what is this event called?


The Rapture


4.  What Mount did Jesus Christ rise from when he ascended into heaven?


Mount of Olives


5.  Who will rise in Christ first during the Rapture?


The dead in Christ


6.  During the Rapture will all the dead be caught up?




7.  When the unsaved are raised, where will they go?


White Throne judgment


8.  Caught up is translated from a Greek word which means what ?


"To snatch out or away speedily"


9.  How quickly will the Rapture occur?


At the twinkling of an eye.


10.  How will the believers be raised ? 






1 Thessalonians 4:16 - 18


1.  How did Paul explain the Rapture?


The call to resurrection at the Rapture will not include all the dead, only believers.  These saints will ascend first.  Paul then explains the next event in the Rapture sequence:  Then we who are alive and remain the Lord in the air.


2.  Who will meet the Lord in the air ?




3.  Will the Rapture be a stealth event ?




4.  What does the word "then" mean in verse 17 ?


An adverb indicating sequence.  


5.  There are previous events of the Rapture that we have already considered.  However what are the final event in a definite order of sequential reunions ?


Dead bodies reunited with their spirits; resurrected believers reunited with living believers and resurrected believers and raptured believers meet the Lord.


6.  After the Lord's return, our union and communion with Him will be what ?


Our union and communion with Him will be uninterrupted and eternal.


7.  What does the "the dead in Christ will rise mean?"


It is speaking of the bodily resurrection of all believers.


8.  How will the spirits of believers be united?


Reunited with their perfect and complete resurrection bodies.


9.  How will the Lord descend from heaven?


With a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God.


10. When will those who are alive rise to meet the Lord in the air ? 


After the dead in Christ are resurrected.





2 Corinthians 5:10, Acts 1:7 -8, 1 Thessalonians 5:1 - 2, Matthew 24:36, 42, 44, 50, Matthew 25:13, 1 Thessalonians 4:18


1.  After the Rapture what will happen to the believers?


We will come before the Judgment Seat of Christ one by one


2.  Will the Judgment Seat be about whether one will enter heaven ?




3.  What will the Judgment Seat be about ?


It will be a time to give an account of the works we have done on earth.


4.  When will believers be assigned places of authority ?


In the coming Millennium.


5.  Can we calculate the day Christ will return ?




6.  What did Jesus say when the apostles asked about the end times ?


Jesus replied gently but firmly, "It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.


7.  Who knows what time it is, and only knows when these times run out ?


Only God knows.


8.  What does future truth impacts present responsibility mean ?


It is the knowledge that His coming is soon that puts urgency into our step and determination into our service.


9. Who said, "Therefore comfort one another with these words ?


Paul - Thessalonians 4:18


10.  Understanding the Rapture, Christian death, and the Resurrection should prompt us to do what?  


To comfort one another.





1.  Christian death is not permanent; it merely what ?


A sleep.


2.  When will we and our love ones be reunited ?


In a rapturous meeting.


3.  Must the whole world hear the Gospel before Jesus Christ return?


This is not true.


4.  The Rapture cannot occur until what event takes place ?


It can occur at any time  The Rapture is a condition of the Gospel.


5.  The condition of the Gospel going to the whole world is a condition not of the Rapture but of what event ?


Second Coming of Christ.


6.  What happens after the moment after the Rapture ?


The Spirit of God will remove any restraining influence on earth.


7.  What will happens to life after the Rapture ?


Life on earth will be relinguished to flourishing evil.


8.  As the Tribulation progresses, what happens to evil ?


Evil will result in a climax of worsening conditions.


9.  How will God's wrath be displayed ?


God's wrath will be displayed through the signs of His coming judgment.


10. Will the believers at the time of the Rapture be spared from the Tribulation ?






Revelation 3:22, Revelation 11 - 18, Matthew 24:5, Matthew 24: 6 - 7,


1.  Who does the Holy Spirit say to the churches ?


"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."


2.  How long is the Tribulation period ?


Seven years


3.  What happens during the first three and half years of Tribulation ?


There will be a climax of worsening conditions.


4.  The anger of God is directed at whom ?


Against the wicked.


5.  During the last three and half years what happens ?


The "lawless one" - the Antichrist - will be empowered to sit at the center of the Tribulation's evil as he personifies Satan. 


6.  What does Time of Deception mean in the Tribulation period ?


Many will come in My name, saying., "I am the Christ,' and will deceive many."


7.  What does Time of Dissension mean during the Tribulation period ?


"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars.  Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom."


8.  What does Time of Devastation describe during Tribulation ?


There will be famines.


9.  Describe Time of Disease that happens during Tribulation ?




10.  In Time of Disaster, what takes place during Tribulation ?


Earthquakes in various places.





1.  What does "A Time of Death" mean ?"


They will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name sake" (Matt. 24:9).


2.  What happens during "A Time of Disloyalty?" 


Many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another" (Matt. 24:10)


3.  Describe "A Time of Delusion."


Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many" (Matt. 24:11).  It should also be noted that part of the delusion will be an increase of drug use.  One of the characteristics of the end times' false religion will be what the Book of Revelation calls "sorceries" (9:21).  The word John uses is pharmakia, from which we get the word pharmacy.  It is an ancient reference to the ingestion of drugs.  The use of mind-altering substances such as narcotics and hallucinogens will be associated  with false religions, doubtless with the approval of the government.


4.  What occurs at "A Time of Defection?"


"Because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold"  (Matt. 24:12).  People will turn away from God and from one another.


5.  What happens during "A Time of Declaration?"


"This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations (Matt. 24:14).


6.  What is a natural consequence of the Rapture ?


The Tribulation


7.  What happens when all Christians are removed from the earth ?


The restraining ministry of the Holy Spirit will be completely absent.


8.  What did Jesus describe what will happen after the Rapture ?


"For then there will ber great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.


9.  Where are the Christians during the Tribulation ?




10.  God's throne is surrounded by what ?


A rainbow of emerald green.





Revelation 4:3-4, 6, 8    


1.  Who represents the church age saints and sit around the throne?


The twenty four elders.


2.  What is before the throne?


A sea of glass.


3.  What is in the midst of the throne and who  are constantly giving praise around the throne?


Four living creatures !


4. What are the ones identified above doing?


Giving praise around the throne are angels and the Church.


5. God is about to deal with what in judgment ?


The physical earth.


6.  The Creator of earth is worshiped by whom ?


By the Church in heaven.


7.  What signify the judgment which is about to fall on the earth ?


Thunder, lightning, and voices signify the judgment.


8.  Will Christians escape the seven-year nightmare of the Tribulation ?




9.  What happens to believers during the Rapture ?


They will be "caught up" to be with the Lord.


10.  What happens after the Lord in the air remove His waiting Church from the earth ?


The judgments of God will be poured out upon the unbelieving world.



REVELATION 6:12 - 14,  REVELATION 8:8 - 11


1.  There is an earthquake.  What happens to the sun?


It turns black as sackcloth of hair.


2.  How does the moon appear?


It became like blood.


3. What happen when Jesus died on the cross ?


The whole earth became dark at midday.


4.  What happen when Egypt was judged ?


There was blackness of night.


5.  What mountain does Jesus come down to ?


Mt. Sinai


6.  How does  the mountain identified above was shrouded in what ?




7.  What occurs at the beginning of the Tribulation period ?


Darkness would occur at the beginning of the Tribulation.


8.  What happens to be stars of heaven ?


They will fall out of the sky.


9.   What does the Greek word "aster" mean ?


Refers to luminous bodies in the sky other than the sun and moon.


10.  What happens to every mountain and island ?


Mountains and Island will be moved out of its place.




 REVELATION 8:10 - 11


1.  What happens when asteroids hit the earth ?


When the asteroids hit the earth, the possibility is that the earth's crust will be so disturbed by the impact that great segments of it will actually begin to slip and slide over the earth's mantle.


2.  Those living above the earth's mantle shifting will experience what ?


They will observe the heavens appearing to move in the opposite direction, as if they are being rolled up.


3.  What happens when a great mountain is cast into the sea ?


One third of the sea will be affected.


4.  What happens to one third of the sea ?


It will become blood and one third of all sea life will die.


5.  What will happen to the ships on the sea ?


They will be destroyed.


6.  The oceans occupy what percentage of the earth's surface ?


three-fourths of the earth's surface.


7.  What will happen to the sea creatures and what will it affect?


The death of many sea creatures will vastly affect the balance of life in the ocean.


8.  What happens to the freshwater supply ?


It will be affected and become bitter.


9.  What will happen to people ?


Many people will die.


10.  The instrument of judgment will be a great star that is labeled what ?






REVELATION 8:10 - 11,  MATTHEW 24:14


1.  As the great star "Wormwood" sweeps along the surface of the earth, what will happen ?


It affects one-third of the fresh water .


2.  What sources of fresh water will "Wormwood" affect ?


Rivers, springs and wells.


3.  Will people be saved during the Tribulation ?




4.  What happens to the gospel of the kingdom ?


It will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations.


5.  When will the end come ?


When the gospel is preached to all nations .


6.  Who will be part of the great redeemed multitude ?


Every nation, tribe, and language.


7.  How is Tribulation described ?


It is a time of the greatest sufferig and persecution the world has every seen.  It will also be a time when the greatest wave of genuine conversion ever takes place.


8.  Where will the multitude of redeemed ones come from ?


Will come from those who were still unsaved at the time of the Rapture


9.  What is the estimate of the people today, who have never heard the gospel ?


2 billion people.


10.  Where will those who are saved during Tribulation come from ?


Those who are saved during the Tribulation will be saved on exactly the same basis as those before the Tribulation.






1.   Who will evangelize God's word during the Tribulation ?


2.  Will there be Bibles and Bible portions during Tribulation ?


3.  Will multitudes be constrained to read the Bible during Tribulation ?


4.  What will the blood-bought believers do and what will happen to them ?





1.  What does Rev. 14:13 make reference to ?


The Lord sends an angel for their own special blessing: "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord".


2.  The New Testament begins with the Beatitude of Jesus for the living.  How does it end ?


It ends with the Beatitude of Jesus for the dying.


3.  What Beatitude makes reference to the ending ?


Second Beatitude


4.  Does the Beatitude mentioned in number 3, apply for the dead in Christ in all ages?




5.  Believers do not die in the sense of death being the end; what are they waiting for?


They are waiting for the coming of the Lord.


6.  Those who have gone to sleep in Jesus are what ?


Blessed are those who have gone to sleep in Jesus.




The Tribulation  (2 Thessalonians 2:10 - 12, Revelation 13, 2 Corinthians 6:2)


1.  Just as death terminates the day of possible salvation for those who reject Christ, "what is the event that does the same?"


The Rapture.


2.  What happens to those who have rejected the Gospel message after the Rapture ?


They will be given a strong delusion.


3.  What does 2 Thessalonians 2:10 - 12 tell us ?


"They receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.


4.  What will God send to unbelievers ?


God shall send them a "strong delusion."


5.  What does the Antichrist do in Revelation 13 ?


It tells us it will be the lies of the Beast and the Antichrist, who counterfeit the life of Christ and bring deception.


6.  What happens to those people who have rejected the Gospel before the Tribulation ?


They will go to hell.


7.  Will there be a second chance for those who have rejected the Gospel before the Tribulation ?




8.  Should you wait to become a Christian ?




9.  Can you beat the system by waiting to become a Christian until the Tribulation ?




10.  What happens when the Tribulation grows in intensity ?


The more people reject God.


11.  What happens to those who reject the truth now ?


They will be deceived and will never believe the Gospel when they hear it preached.


12.  What does 2 Corinthians 6:2 reveal ?


Don't try to get around God's plan.  Don't think yiou can beat the system.  One day soon the Lord is coming back, and if you have already rejected Him,  the day of opportunity will be gone.



DURING THE TRIBULATION  (Revelatiohn 9:4 -10, 22:15)


1.  Men will seek to die, will suicide be possible ?




2.  During Tribulation, those men who seek death, will they be able to find it ?




3.  What will people have to endure during the Tribulation ?


Countless demons from the pit running unchecked throughout the earth.


4.  What will come from the pit during the Tribultion ?




5.  Who will receive the "sting" of the demons ?


Those who do not belong to God.


6.  What will happen when people receive the sting of the demons ?


The poison from the sting will literally set the nerve center on fire.


7.  How long will this evil (stinging) last ?


150 days


8.  What cannot provide escape from the evil ?




9.  What happens when divine restraint is withdrawn during the Tribulation ?


Human passionms will break loose.


10.  What will happen to morality ?


Morality will be discarded in favor of liberty and :"sexual immorality"





Malachi 4:5 - 6, 1 Kings 17, Revelation 11:6, Exodus 7:20 - 21, Revelation 11:6 and Deuteronomy 34:5 - 6


1.  Who are believed to be the two witnesses ?


Elijah and Moses


2.  Who will come before Jesus returns ?




3.  Elijah was given the authority to stop what ?


The rain. 


4.  What kind of power will the two witnesses have ?


Have the power to shut heaven, so no rain will fall.


5.  What will happen when the two witnesses are present on earth ?


No rain will fall during the days of their prophecy.


6.  The two witnesses will have the power to turn water into what ?




7.  Which of the two witnesses did not die ?




8.  The witness that died was buried by God and no one knows where the grave is ?




9.  The body of this witness was preserved by God so that he might be restored ?




10.  What two individuals met with Jesus in the Transfiguration ?


Moses and Elijah





Revelation 11:3, 5


1.  When do the two witnesses begin their ministry ?


At the beginning of the Tribulation.


2.  The Antichrist makes a covenant with whom ?


The Jewish people.


3.  What will happen when someone desires to harm the witnesses ?


Fire proceeds from their mouth and devours their enemies.


4.  What has God provided the witnesses ?




5.  What kind of powers will these witnesses have ?


They will have power over death, drought, and disease.


6.  During their ministry, who will they preach about ?


About Christ as Lord of all the earth.


7.  What other power will these witnesses have ?


They will shut the heavens so no rain can fall during their ministry and have power to cause plgues as often as they desire. 


8.  The witnesses will go about testifying about what ?


Of the wickedness of the people.


9.  What will they say about the judgments that are being poured out ?


God is responsible for all of the judgments.


10. According to Revelation 13 they will be preaching against whom ?


The Beast of Revelation 13.





Rev. 11:7 - 10, Rev. 11:12, Rev. 10:1


1.  How long during which time they cannot be killed ?


42 months.


2.  Who will kill the witnesses ?


The Beast .


3.  What will the entire world do when the witnesses are killed ?


The entire world will rejoice .


4.  What will happen to their bodies ?


Their bodies will be put on display .


5.  How long will their bodies lie in the street ?


Three and half days .


6.  In biblical Jewish society, what was this act of allowing the witnesses to lie in the street called ?


An abomination .


7.  After the period of time answered in number 5, what happens to their bodies ?


They began to decompose .


8.  What also happens to the bodies after the period of time mentioned in question 5 ?


They will stand up.


9.  Will the whole world see what happens to the bodies after the period in question 5 ?




10.  While they are the focus of world attention, what two things happen ?


They are resurrected and raptured .


11.  The witnesses go up to heaven in a what ?


A cloud .


12.  This cloud is the called what ?


shekinah glory of God


13.  What other event occurred in accordance to Rev. 10:1 ?


It is the same cloud in which the angel of Revelation was clothed.


14.  Who is Satan's superman ?


The Antichrist.


15.  Who will take control of the entire world ?


The Antichrist





2 Corinthians 10:4 - 5


1.  The ultimate victory was won where ?




2.  What will be implemented in the future ?


The ultimate victory


3.  The enforcement of the victory's enforcement is in the hands of whom?


Hands of the church.


4.  The tool that enforces Satan's defeat is the tool of what ?


The tool of prayer.


5.  For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in whom ?


In God


6.  Whom should be dependent upon for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalt itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ ?


7.  Who can move angels in heaven ?


One person praying.


8.  Who needs the power of prayer against Satan ?


Christians need to learn the power of prayer.


9.  We are not engaged in the warfare if we are not praying against whom ?




10.  The judgment that was affected at the cross, will be enforced through what ?




11.  Our warfare with Satan is ended by what event ?




12.  Who will be thrown into the lake of fire first ?


Antichrist and False Prophet


13.  Who will be thrown into the lake of fire next ?




14.  What will happen the first 3.5 years ?


Worsening conditions, anger of God against the wicked, and signs of Christ's coming.


15.  What happens the second 3.5 years ?


 Empowered Antichrist at center of evil.





Daniel 9:26, Daniel 8:23, Daniel 11:21


1.  Who is the Antichrist ?


A person who is against Christ.


2.  What does the prefix "anti" mean ?


"Instead of "


3.  Who is Satan's superman ?


The Antichrist


4.  What does the Antichrist do ?


He will be Satan's superman who persecutes, tortures, and kills people of God.


5.  What is the climatic battle the Antichrist is involved in ?


Battle of Armageddon


6.  Will the Antichrist be the most powerful dictator the world has ever seen ?




7.  How many times is the Antichrist identified by that name in the Bible ?


4 times


8.  Identify the various aliases that the Antichrist is called.


"the prince that shall cojme", "a fierce king", "a master of intrigue", "a despicable man",  "a worthless shepherd", "the one who brings destruction", "the lawless one", "the evil man", and  "the Beast".


9.  When the Antichrist arrives on scene, will people flock to him ?




10.  Will people do anything to gain favor of the Antichrist ?







Revelation 13:11 - 12, Daniel 7:7 - 8, 25


1.  Who is the first person and the father of the unholy trinity ?




2.  Who is the second person and the son of the unholy trinity ?




3.  Who is the third person of the Trinity ? 


Holy Spirit


4.  Who is the third person of the unholy trinity ?


False Prophet


5.  What is the third person of Trinity main function ?


The main function is to direct praise to the person of Christ


6.  What is the third person of unholy trinity main function ?


To direct worship and praise of the people back to the Antichrist


7.   How does Daniel describe the Antichrist ?


A fourth beast, eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words.


8.  What kind of words does the Antichrist speak against the Most High ?


Pompous words against the Most High.


9.  Daniel says, the coming world leader will be renowned for what ?


For the kind of eloquence.


10. Who will be a golden tongue orator speaking in high blown terms ?


The Antichrist .  He will also utter pompous words.







Revelation 13:5,  Daniel 7:20, Revelation 13:15, Revelation 13:1 - 8



1.  How does John describe the Antichrist ?


He was give a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies.


2.  What other description does Daniel reveal ?


He is a man "whose appearance was greater than his fellows.


3.  How is the Antichrist outward appearance described ?


This man will be a strikingly attractive person.


4.  What kind of personality and speaking ability will the Antichrist have ?


The combination of magnetic personality, speaking ability, and extreme good looks will make him virtually irresistible to the masses.


5.  What do the people do when the Antichrist comes on scene ?


People will flock to him like flies to honey, and they will fall over themselves to do anything he asks.


6.  What will every person be required to do ?


Every living person will be required to worship this man.


7.  What kind of power was given to the Antichrist ?


He was given the power to give breath to the image of the beast.


8.  What happens to people who refuse to worship the image of the beast ?


Many who refuse to worship the beast will be killed.


9.  The Antichrist is represented as whom ? 


The Beast.


10.  During the last three and half years of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will do what ? 


The Antichrist will personalify Satan himself.





Thessalonian 2:9,  Revelation 13:1, 


1.  How will the Antichrist promote himself ?


He will promote himself from a European leader, to a world leader, to a tyrannical global dictator, and finally to a god.


2.  The Antichrist will rise to power inconspicuous.  What does this mean ?


It will not be noticed in the beginning.


3. The Antichrist will rise out of what group ?


Rise out of the general population.


4.  What does the sea in biblical imagery stand for ?


It stands for the general mass of humanitiy or, more specifically, the Gentile nation.


5.  Who allows the power used by the Antichrist ?


Almighty God


6.  As bad as the Tribulation is who is in control ?




7.  There is a leash on Satan.  Who is holding the leash ?




8.  Who allows Satan to do his deeds during the Tribulation ?







Revelation 13:8, Daniel 7:25, 2 Thessalonians 2:4


1.  Who worships the Antichrist ?


All who dwell on earth.


2.  What kind of leader is the Antichrist ?


A cultic leader.


3.  What kind of words will he speak ?


Pompous words.


4.  Who will the Antichrist speak against ?


The true God of heaven.


5.  What two things the Antichrist will change during the Tribulation ?


Change times and law.


6.  Who will try to raise himself to the level of God ?


The Antichrist


7.  Who will oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God or that is worship ?


The Antichrist.


8.  Who will sit as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God ?


The Antichrist.


9.  Who will accept the worship of the peoples of the world ?


The Antichrist





Rev. 13:18, Rev. 13:16 - 17


1.  What is the mark of the Beast ?


2.  The number six is the number of whom ?


3.  Man was created on what day by God ?


4.  How many days was man to work out of seven ?


5.  A Hebrew slave could not be enslaved for not more than how many years ?


6.  Their fields could not be sown for more than how many years ?


7.  What Greek word is used for the mark of the Beast ?


8.  The word answered for question 7 was always associated with whom ?


9.  The Roman emperor mark contained what ?


10.  What was necessary for buying and selling ?


11.  What was affixed to documents to attest to their validity ?


12.  Who will have to receive the mark of the Beast ?


13.  Where will the mark be placed ?


14.  What will be required to buy and sell products or services ?






























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