1 Kings 5:1 - 12, 6:38


WHEN SETTING GOALS,  here are five things to consider:


COOPERATION NEEDED.  First, we cooperate with God by agreeing to His plan.  Second, we enlist the cooperation of others, starting with prayer support.


REACHING A GOAL REQUIRES CONSISTENCY.  Since God is involved in establishing our goals, we can remain fixed on accomplishing them.  Even if others discourage us, we stay the course as the Lord has asked.


CLEAR FOCUS MEANS STAYING FIXED ON OUR PURPOSE.  By remembering that God set the goal for us, we will not allow others to change our direction.


COURAGE IS OFTEN NECESSARY TO REACH A GOD-GIVEN GOAL.  Being courageous involves a willingness to take action without knowing the outcome - and we can do that because it is God who asks.  As we deepen our trust in Him, boldness will come.


DEVELOPING A LIFESTYLE OF DEPENDANCE ON GOD IS IMPORTANT.   When aiming for a goal, it's easy to rely on our own strength and forget about leaning on God.  True success requires dependence.


These items aren't a standard by which to measure ourselves; they're pointers to help us move in the right direction.  If you're not sure how best ot set and reach goals, seek out someone with experience and be open what God might teach you through him or her.