Satan wants both christians and non-christians to be confused about salvation, but for different reasons.


When it comes to unbelievers, the devil's purpose is to have them think they're saved by doing good works - in other words, by being a "good" person.  His motive is to keep the lost man or woman lost.  This is an all-too-effective strategy, even among many who attend church regularly.  Assuming their good deeds wsill outweigh their bad deeds, they consider themselves heaven bound when in reality, they're actually on the road to horrifying, irreversible disappointment (Matt. 7:21 - 23).


Satan has a different purpose for creating confusion among God's followers.  Though Jesus taught that salvation can never be lost (John 10:28 - 29), the enemy sows seeds of doubt in an effort to keep believers off-balance - wondering what the Lord will do next, fearing His judgment, and working ever more feverishly to earn His acceptance.  More than a few Christians have burned themselves out in this misguided attempt to please the Lord.  On top of that, they have allowed Satan to enslave them with fear and short-circuit their effectiveness for God's kingdom.


The solution is to know the Bible and trust what it teaches.  Scripture is clear that we're saved by faith, not by works (Eph. 2:8 - 9) - and that salvation is permanent (Rom. 8:38 - 39).  God wants His children reassured about these truths, confident, and spiritually productive.  His desire is that our relationship with Him will be so exciting and joyful that we reflect Jesus to those around us.






"Are you ready to walk by faith and not by sight?"