In chapter 1, John relates the circumstances that led to the writing of this book (1:1 - 20).  In chapter 2 and 3, Jesus gives special messages to the seven churches of Asia Minor (2:1 - 3:22).


Suddenly, John is caught up into heaven, where he sees a vision of God Almighty on his throne.  All of Christ's followers and the heavenly angels are worshipping God (4:1 - 11).  John watches as God gives a scroll with seven seals to the worthy Lamb, Jesus Christ (5:1 - 14).


As the first four seals are opened, riders appear on horses of different colors: war, famine, disease, and death are in their path (6:12 - 17) .  On the other side, multituds are before the throne, worshiping and praising God and the Lamb (7:1 - 17).


Finally, the seventh seal is opened (8:1 - 5), unveiling a series of God's judgments announced by seven angels with seven trumphets.  The first four angels bring hail, fire, a burning mountain, and a falling star-the sun and moon are darkened (8:6 - 13). The fifth trumpet announces the army of warriors on horses (9:13 - 21).  In 10:1 - 11, John is given a little scroll to eat.  Following this, John is commanded to measure the temple of God (11:1,2).  He sees two witnessroclaim God's judgment on the earth for three and half years (11:3 - 14).

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Finally, the seventh trumpet sounds, calling the rival forces of good and evil to the final battle.  On one side is Satan and his forces; on the other side stands Jesus Christ with forces (11:15 - 13:18).  In the midst  of this call to battle, John sees three angels announcing the final judgment (14:6 13).  Two angels begin to reap this harverst of judgment on the earth (14:14 - 20).  Following on the heels of these two angels are seven more angels, who pour out God's judgment on the earth from seven bowls (15:1 - 16:21).  OPne of these angels from the group of seven reveal to John a vision of a "great prostitute" called Babylon (symbolizing the Roman empire), riding a scarlet beast (17:1 - 18).  After the defeat of Babylon (18:1 - 24), a great multitude in heaven shouts praise to God for his mighty victory (19: 1 - 10).


The final three chapters of the book of Revelation catalog the events that finalize Christ's victory over the enemy:  Satan's 1000 year imprisonment (20:1 - 10), the final judgment (20:11- 15) and the creation of a new earth and a new Jerusalem (21:1 - 22).  An angel then gives John final instructions concerning the visions John has sen and what to do once he has written them all down (22:7 - 11).


Revelation concludes with the promise of Christ's soo